Do Not Insult This “Power” Blogger

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Do Not Insult This “Power” Blogger

I apologize to my non-blogger and non-Filipino readers. But today let me just be arrogant for once.

I’ve been holding off for awhile now but I think it’s time to break the silence. I’ve been getting a lot of emails for projects, collaborations and partnership that is really an insult to my standing as a power blogger. Yes I’ll claim that I am a power blogger call me arrogant or whatever you want but I think most of you agree that someway somehow I have contributed, inspired to whatever you have been doing right now. I have helped you one way or the other through my blog and blogging influence.

When you say collaborations/partnership it should be a two-way street, both parties should benefit from it and not just the other way around.

Take for instance this latest email I got from a big PR Firm. I dunno if they are just trying to get a freebie work from me and other bloggers or just testing how many will say yes.

But here is the situation:

They are offering a partnership/engagement/collaboration asking to post weekly on my social network and at the end of that another blog post. In return, will give a package of this x product to me.

The clincher: I the blogger will have to ask for likes for my weekly social network post, pull my brains into creating certain looks and make a blog post. But I will still have to compete with the other bloggers they invited to engage in this “project” so the only one can win that coveted prize.

Sure, some bloggers may agree to this kinda agreement but I’m sure they are  newbie, starting bloggers, who wants to be seen and make a name for themselves. Their reach is not as wide yet.  They may want to join.  But please don’t ask me who they are.  Do your job, research and find those bloggers.


  1. I can buy that product package you are offering me.
  2. I still have stocks of all their product line. Another agency gave it to me for free no sweat sent to my home!
  3. I can afford a spa treat in fact I have 10 FREE Spa services waiting for me!
  4. I can afford to book myself at any posh hotel I like and not just for me and a plus 1 but my entire family.

I have to say if you want a resounding YES from power bloggers like me at least give us an offer we can’t refuse.

  • I may have been posting press releases my blogs for free and attend events for free because I get something from it (either in the form of traffic to my blog, products I want, like, and need and people I want to see, and or because I believe in the advocacy/story).  But I don’t do it all the time.
  • I may have joined some blogger engagement projects that did not get me anything but some posters and notebooks.  But that I charged to experience.

I’ve been in this industry longer than anyone else you know.   Arrogant of me to say, but some of the bloggers you revered celebrities and top bloggers will say they were influenced by me. I will not name names but I know who you are and they know who they are.

So be nice to me.  Well actually to us, all bloggers, with celebrity status or not.

Blogging to me is not just a game or something I do for fun.  It is my work.  I put a lot of time and effort in every post I make. It lessens the  time I should be spending for my daughter.

We know,I know for one that all projects from PR agencies are paid and with a budget.  I worked in PR before I know the amount of money that goes in and out.  To say you have no budget for this and that is a crap.

There’s no such thing a free lunch.  There is always a mutual exchange.

Plus the fact that you are the one who come to me and ask for this partnership, I think I should get something worth my while right?

I just have to say this.

Love me or hate me after your choice.  I said my piece.

Ban me from your events?  I don’t care.  I didn’t blog to attend events.   Attending events is actually more of a liability to me as I have to shell out money for getting to that event, I have to put effort in getting dressed and spend hours in traffic and lessen my time with my daughter and doing my online job.  Attending events is just socialization to me. I don’t really need it.

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34 thoughts on “Do Not Insult This “Power” Blogger

  1. I have been thought off as someone very obnoxious and maybe a snob a lot of times by agencies because I don’t shortchange myself being “just” a blogger. if they don’t want to pay they can find someone who will work for them free. but not me. I mean I do favor post for free or just because I believe in it but to make me work more than my time’s worth is another thing.

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