Facial and Facial Skin Tightening

There are just days that no matter how you cleanse, tone, moisturize your face it just looks real bad. The only thing that can help get your face back to life is a visit to a salon. At It Figures Salon they have different facial services that will not just clear up your skin but even get rid of your droopy face.

Facial Services
Cleaning and pricking
Choice of mask
With Dermabrasion
With Ultrasonic therapy
With IPL photo-facial
Back facial, per area
Pimple treatment
Dark eye circle eye bag treatment

Diamond Peel

Tired of having friends always say something about your unsightly fine lines? Are you worried about emerging wrinkles on your face? Fret no more; It Figures recommends our Diamond Peel treatment just for you!

Our Diamond Peel regimen is quick, safe, and virtually pain-free leaving little or no redness. It is perfect for all skin types and colours with no downtime and no discomfort. It can help minimize the most difficult skin conditions and rejuvenate and maintain the health of your skin. It is effective in removing imperfections from your face and gives you a fresh new edge. This treatment works by applying a steady coat of diamond dust on your face and then vacuuming it away along with any dead skin cells, thus minimizing any fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will definitely appear softer, smoother, brighter, clearer, and younger looking. Plus, it only takes less than an hour to do which would definitely not interrupt your schedule.
Radio Frequency (RF) for Face

Looking for a non-invasive way to rejuvenate your skin and get an almost instantaneous facelift? No surgery, no downtime, just soft, smooth, baby-like skin. That is what It Figures RF for the face offers. With a just a few sessions, you will experience a new you and would not need to worry about anything.

With RF Face tightening, your skin will be stimulated to produce collagen that in turn enhances the look and elasticity of your skin. Our RF regimen uses radio frequencies to deeply penetrate your skin and regenerate your face. No more wrinkles, sagging or bloated look, only a new, younger and beautiful face.
IPL for Pimple Treatment & Facial Rejuvenation

Is persistent acne or pimples plaguing your face? Tired of trying a lot of skin products promising to get rid of your acne? Do not despair; It Figures IPL treatment is the perfect answer for your facial needs.

Our IPL Photo Facial will surely treat any skin discolorations, age spots, active acne, freckles, and mottled pigmentations. IPL’s differing wavelengths of light also destroys bacteria causing pimples and targets over-active sebaceous glands that causes outbreaks. Targeted heating deep in the skin causes shrinkage of inflamed sebaceous glands helping you prevent over-production of excess sebum. This in turn, instantly rejuvenates your face, gets pimples under control and helps reduce fine lines and unsightly wrinkles. Improvement on your skin texture and clarity is a sure result.
Paraffin Treatment

Do you want a smoother and softer face and skin? Our It Figures Paraffin treatment is the answer to your rough and tough looking skin. You may even be surprised at the other health benefits it can bring.

With Paraffin regimen, you will be able to increase blood flow to any part of your body which in turn can relax your muscles and relieve stress and pain. Paraffin can soften hardened skin and also increases its elasticity and range of motion. It deeply moisturizes your face and skin leaving you with a softer, more radiant glow.
Intense Whitening Treatment

You can now enjoy a new whiter, and even toned face! With It Figures Intense Whitening Treatment, you can say goodbye to ordinary whitening creams. Our whitening regimen will hydrate your skin and help minimize formation of melanin cells that cause skin darkening. We use the best technology to safely exfoliate your face and lighten your skin complexion while promoting skin cell revitalization. You surely experience reduced blemishes and a whiter and clearer face and skin.
Intense Whitening Body Scrubs

If you want to have smooth, even colored silky-white skin, we highly recommend our It Figures Whitening Body Scrub. By intense exfoliation you will be able to get rid of your mature and dead skin cells bringing out new skin growth that is fresh and clear.

You will easily be able to experience a balanced body and relaxed mind as we lavish you with exfoliating and whitening scrubs that will give you an intensive whitening glow. This is also ideal for treating stress, pain, tension anxiety and poor circulation. Get that Intense whitening body scrub today.

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