Fund Raiser: HELP! Re-build Homes, Re-Build Lives via Habitat for Humanity Philippines

Food, water, clothes, medicine and personal hygiene are covered mostly by the fund raisers held by charity organizations and groups. These are immediate need that needs attention and support right away. Shelter is one of the most important thing to have so the families affected by the calamity have something to start with, a roof on their heads to keep their family safe and warm while trying to move on and get a fresh start find work or a livelihood.

There are many homes that were ruined by the recent calamities that hit the Philippines. While some have the means to re-build their own houses some don’t have the resources. This is where Habitat for Humanity comes in. Habitat for Humanity is know to build houses for the poor. This time around they will build temporary and permanent shelters for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda and the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

In line with this I have tied up with Habitat for Humanity Philippines for my 6th blog anniversary on January 2014 to raise funds for the victims of calamities that hit the country. Funds gathered from this will given to said chairty so they can re-build homes and re-build lives at affected areas.



You may send sponsorship inquiry to : earthrullan (@) or earthlingorgeous @
Sponsorships vary from sponsoring a number of houses/temporary shelters built plus free advertising and blog feature here at Earthlingorgeous!


For Online Donations:
Click the donate button below:
Click button below if you want to donate a fixed amount of donation of $10.00

Click button below button if you want to donate a certain amount of your choice

This fund raiser will be live until January 30,2015 (EXTENDED! this project is Gonna be happening the whole year of 2014 to raise funds more as requested by some sponsods who couldn’t make tge deadline!). We are hoping to raise as much funds as we could. The amount of money needed for home repairs, build temporary shelters and permanent homes is huge minimum of Php15,000.00 for a basic repair kit, while a temporary home cost about minimum of Php150,000.00 .

Thank you so much for your help!

I will update everyone of the progress of this fund raiser. Thank you so much!

Update as of February 2014 we have raised Php30,000.00 and we will have. Summer Youth Build this May 2014 Stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,
Earth Rullan

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