Explore the Wonders of London

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Explore the Wonders of London

(London – graphic taken from following source: Aldrick, P. (2013) “London threatened by plans to move Libor regulation to Paris”, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/libor-scandal/10102025/London-threatened-by-plans-to-move-Libor-regulation-to-Paris.html)

With an estimated thirty million tourists coming from all corners of the globe every year, the United Kingdom has remained as one of the world’s most popular attractions. Each of the three countries across the British Isles – England, Scotland and Wales – offer a plethora of famous landmarks and tourist attractions which provide a wonderful holiday experience for any overseas tourist. Its appeal is further enhanced by the level of coverage Britain receives across travel programs shown on television, and increasing recommendations from overseas travelers who take to tourism websites to share their experiences.

Why London?

While each area and region offer their own unique qualities and attractions, London stands out from the crowd as the best place to travel around. The capital of England bears all the hallmarks of the country’s heritage and important historical events, while also being the place in which the Prime Minister and Royal Family reside. The latter carries considerable importance to overseas tourists who hold the royals at high regard and travel from all over the world just to see Buckingham Palace.

(Buckingham Palace – graphic taken from following source: Royal Collection Trust (2013) “The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace”, http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/visit/the-state-rooms-buckingham-palace)

A city that spans over a square mile, London is home to a multitude of tourist attractions which accommodates the tastes and preferences of residents and overseas tourists. An array of superb pre-modern and contemporary architecture can be found across the city centre which makes for wonderful photo opportunities and long-lasting memories, whether you choose to travel alone or with friends and family. London is also primed with a multitude of shopping malls, with many leading brands offering their custom within England’s main economic area. Traditionalism is prominent throughout the city, with tourists able to sample the local cuisine, enjoy a rousing performance at the many theaters on offer or take to a London casino to savor the luxury and excitement of gambling.

(London casino – graphic taken from following source: WJ London (2013) “Win a Free Dinner & Night at a Casino”, http://wjlondon.com/win-a-free-dinner-night-at-a-casino/)

Main Attractions

London is packed with an array of tourist attractions which perfectly illustrate true English tradition and contemporary qualities of its modern day settings. Like many other evolving cities worldwide, London continuously adds more landmarks which make the city an even bigger attraction. The London Eye perfectly illustrates the presence of a new landmark which

not only accompanies other sights and surroundings, but also overlooks the London area to provide a wonderful experience. Situated on the South bank of the River Thames, The London Eye is a Ferris wheel which provides an intriguing birds-eye overview of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. The former is a famous clock tower at the north end of the latter, which is a majestic building where the House of Lords and House of Commons meet.

(Palace of Westminster – graphic taken from following source: The Official Magazine Britain (2013) “The Houses of Parliament”, http://www.britain-magazine.com/features/region/england/london/the-palace-of-westminster/)

As the principle workplace of the British monarch, Buckingham Palace generates considerable publicity and tourism as a standout feature in London. The Palace is open to visitors in August and September, and it is highly recommended to see the Changing of the Guard and Horse Guards Parade as they display British heritage and the colours of Royal pageantry. The Princess Diana Memorial is also a must-see during any time spent in London as it pays great homage to a wonderful woman who touched the hearts of so many across the world.

For tourists who fancy something a bit different, Madame Tussauds is packed with a collection of highly detailed waxworks of many famous celebrities and members of Royalty which are almost identical to the real people. London is also a city packed with culture and colourful landscapes, with Hamstead Heath and Kew Garden offering a lovely, relaxing stroll through the park whilst admiring the wonderful array of floral designs and fauna on display.

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  1. London is one of my favorite places ever – so much to see and do. I had an extended stay (2.5 months) over there several years ago and got to live right across the street from Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall…..that was quite the experience!! I think if anyone has the chance to visit, they should absolutely run to the airport!! London is wonderful! Great post!

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