I don’t know when and I don’t know how but I’m kinda superstitious somehow. However, the kind of superstitions I believe are mostly the positive ones.   I take precaution into not believing the bad ones,  in case I did something that according the superstitions are bad luck or evil. Because I believe what you accept and what you take happens.

When I was in Macau last weekend, (thanks Air Asia Zest for flying me there) we went to the premiere attractions in Macau particularly the Historic Center of Macau more popularly known as the Senado Square.

senado square macau
While going around, getting lost in beautiful walkways and structures, I noticed little water fountains and wells all over the place. There were lots of churches too. I was happy and energized.

wishing on fountains and churches at Macau

Growing up,I always believe in the power of wishes. Wishes done through wishing wells, water fountains, stars, and churches you visit for the first time. I’ve made so many wishes through them and most of them came true. While some did not, I believe that God and the Universe will give something better and that it will always lead you to where you belong and what you deserve.

wishing fountain in Macau
This fountain in particular, reminded me of that one in Europe, the one from the movie 3 Coins In A Fountain, Roman Holiday, and What Happens In Rome.

wishing fountain and churches
The fountain was really really nice. I just had to throw a coin. I even encouraged my trip partner Geoff of Geoff Reviews to do the same. It was good that I had 1 peso coins in my purse or else I will be throwing away Pacatas (Macau denomination equals to Php6.50 to 1 Pacata).

wishing water fountain in macau

I wished for three things, what they are I will have to keep to myself but I will reveal once they are all fulfilled.

Then there was this smaller one,  it remind me of something from Italy or something from Serendipity or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

wishing well

There are two more like this in the area.

wishing well in Macau
The Cathedral

cathedral macau

Built originally using compound materials like soil and straw in 1622, religious servives in this church stoppedand was transfered to the House of Mercy. The facade is characterized by pilasters and twin belfries.

cathedral in macau
The exterior is clad in Shanghai plaster giving the church a monochromatic subdued appearance.

cathedral macau
Inside the church

inside the Acauu cathedral
St. Anthony’s Church

st anthony church macau

First built of bamboo and wood before 1560. The new appearance of the church dates back to 1930. This is one of the oldest church n Macau where the Jesuits set up their earliest headquarters in the city.

insidr st. anthony macau

Members of the Portuguese community back then use the church for wedding ceremonies which gave rise to the Chinese name Fa Vong Tong or Church of Flowers

st.anthony churh ceiling
The church ceiling

st. anthony macau
inside st. anthony church
If you look closely and pay attention to details, you will realize so many beautiful things in there. If you are not in a rush, it is worth it to look into all the architectural and interior details of every beautiful buildings and installations in Macau.

And in case you visit the place anytime soon. Don’t forget to bring your coins. It’s more likely you will pass by the fountains and wells. It won’t hurt to make a wish or two.

Happy trip!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Wow! I also love wishing wells! Macau is a very beautiful place! I hope I can visit it one day. Thank you for the wonderful post Miss Earth! 🙂

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