What’s Stylish, Convenient, Practical and I’m Giving Away 3 Pairs!

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What’s Stylish, Convenient, Practical and I’m Giving Away 3 Pairs!

If you are a woman who loves to wear heels but commutes, I suggest you keep a very comfy footwear in your handbag so when you need to walk some distance and commute you are wearing comfy shoes that you can run for safety fast  just in case.

There’s just too many scary bad news lately. This weekend the Martilyo Gang strikes again (a robbery hold-up group who uses hammers and break display glass of jewelry store to get the loot) This caused a stampede and it was chaos in the crowded mall!  I just read a friend status that he saw right in front of him a sales lady who was victimized by the motorcycle tandem where they swiped her bag dragging her all the way coz she doesn’t wanna let go of her 13th month pay aside from her month salary.   Then a bus just flew out of the bridge of Skyway killing 17 people.

Flipsters is an innovative footwear brand from Australia that is stylish, convenient and practical to give as gift to the women you care about.  Flipsters offers a stylish range of flip flops and ballet flats which can be easily mixed and matched with one’s daily outfits

Flipsters Collapsible Flip Flops

Flipsters Collapsible Flipflops
What makes Flipsters unique is its seamless blending of style,comfort and functionality in a remarkable 3-way fold design.  You don’t have to worry about folding as it fold quite easily and is very compact that fits even a small bag!

Flipsters Collapsible Flip Flops

the Flipsters unique fold

Flipsters Collapsible Flip Flops review
Flipsters also has foldable ballet flats that is meant for daily wear and is a compact as the flats!

Flipsters Flats

Soles are thicker than the flipflops

Flipsters Folding Flats

It also folds 3-ways

Flipsters Flats philippines

Comes in different colors

flipsters flats at earthlingorgeous
To help you sort out your gift giving dilemmas, Flipsters is offering the Flipsters Holiday Gift Box, and a Holiday promo where you can get more freebies when you buy a pair. One pair of Flipsters and you’ll get a gift box, a Lulu Nails gift certificate, Flipsters Gel Sole Savers or another Flipster depending on the package you avail.

The gift box looks like this:

Flipsters Xmas Gift packs
This promo is available until January 19, 2014 .


Win a Flipsters Holiday Gift Box with a pair of Flipsters, a Lulu Nails Gift Certificate, and a Flipsters Keychain!

  1. Like Flipsters Philippines on Facebook
  2. Follow @FlipstersPh on Twitter.
  3. Then post this as your Twitter status: “I want a pair of @FlipstersPh from www.earthlingorgeous.com @earthlingorgeous” !
  4. Leave a comment below with your name,location and the link to your Twitter status.

3 winners will win a box of Flipsters Holiday Gift Box, with a Flipsters Collapsible Flip Flops, a Lulu Nails gift certificate worth Php100.00, A Flipsters keychain and a Flipsters postcard as shown in the above photo.
Giveaway starts today Dec.16,2013 and ends December 20,2013 EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 25,2013. (Make sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you immediately if you win!)

Flipsters Collapsible Flipflops is available at all Res-Toe-Run branches nationwide and is sold at Php990.00 a pair.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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