Play with Ice this Summer!

Ice this Summer

The Philippines is a tropical country that is located near the equator. Because of the country’s location, it experiences an average of 27.7°C throughout the year and go as high as 34°C during the summer, when most Filipino kids are on vacation.

Usually, summer vacations mean beach trips, road trips, and out-of-the-country tours but because of the humidity, some families tend to stay inside their homes to avoid the heat. However, there’s only so much one can do at the mall and kids can only be entertained by the same things for a certain period of time. Luckily, SM has the Olympic sized SM Skating Rink to cool you down on a hot sunny day.


Going to the SM Skating Rink is perfect for people who want to enjoy their summer breaks but do not want to endure the heat outdoors. Providing Filipinos with an alternative venue for recreation and fun was the intention in building the rink. Other than the cold temperature, the SM Ice Skating Rink offers various activities like the following:

· Open skating. Let your inner ice princess out and glide around the Olympic sized skating rink. If you are feeling conscious and feel like you will fall, you can hire one of the SM coaches to teach you the basics of ice skating. Who knows? You might be the next Michael Martinez.

· Hockey games. If ice skating isn’t your thing, why not gather your friends and experience the world of ice hockey. You could also make your own hockey-lympics and compete with your friends or family. For beginners, SM offers hockey lessons.

· Sled ride. Who said sled rides can only be experienced on icy mountains? Experience the rush that comes with sled rides in the SM Skating Rink. One special feature, the SM Skating Rinks also have snow machines, taking the snowy experience to the next level. Feel the adrenaline as you slide around the largest ice skating rink in the country.

· Relax outside the rink. Aside from the exciting activities that can be done inside the rink, SM Skating Rink also offers other activities like the Xtreme Gaming, which is PS3 rentals with the latest games in town, a Battle Seat Simulator, and a massage corner. These activities are perfect to the kids who are not fond of the ice and for the parents who want to relax while their children are enjoying the rink activities.

For a country that doesn’t have snow, you can still cool down during the summer and play with ice at the SM Ice Skating Rink. For more information, you may visit

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  1. I have never been ice skating and think it would be something I’d like to do. I’d also love to take my kids as I think once they stopped falling down they’d love it too!

  2. I’ve always wanted to go ice skating but have never gotten the chance. A sled ride at an ice rink is something that I’ve never heard of but it seems like it’d be fun. Hockey games would be exciting to watch as well. Maybe one day I’ll get to visit a rink near by. Thank you for sharing this one with us!

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