My The Other Woman Movie Review

This movie is absolutely hilarious. A lauugh-out-loud movie all the way! It is a perfect movie date with your girl friends to lighten up your rough week.

I recommend you watch it with your girl or gay friends. I don’t think the men will enjoy it as much as women do because it is basically a chick flick. Kinda feminist in a way. Although I think they will enjoy seeing Kate Upton in there.

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton surprisingly had a good chemistry inbthe movie. They all worked out well being the lawyer, the wife and the boobs! They all portrayed their characters really well.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (the guy) played the casanova really well too. I wanna punch him in the nose and kick him on the groin, pull his hair off his scalp and oooops hahaha! Cheaters just gets on my nerves.


The storyline was kinda simple but realistic and relatable. Youbprobably have seen same mohies with same plot before. Everyone was cheated or has a friend who was cheated. It is not a funny situation to be in but what people do for ‘revenge’ makes a pretty good plot for a comedy! Kudos to the makers of The Other Woman.

I also agree with the concept of finding a friend in a stranger who doesn’t know anyone from your circle but knows the situation you are in. Because they won’t judge you for who you are, what you do and what you have become but will just see you in your present.

Oh yeah, Nicki Minaj is in the movie, what role she played is something for you to find out.

The Other Woman is rated PG by the MTRCB by 20th Century Fox and Warner showing in Philippine theaters starting May 7,2014 .

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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