Instant Inch Loss with iLipo at Marie France

While some of you will be very skeptic about an inch loss right after a non-invasive/non-surgical fat reducing procedure at one of those skin and body centers. I tell you it is true.

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky ones to experience the iLipo at Marie France. I.Lipo is the latest breakthrough in laser lypolysis offering fat elimination and body contouring via low-level laser energy. It’s a non-invasive, meaning no cut and dice or going under the knife. It is safe and painless and achieve instant inch loss as soon as the procedure is done!

Marie France is the first to make the iLipo available in the Philippines and they just can’t wait to show it to everyone and become a believer!

I’m a believer! Take a look!

iLipo at Marie France

A few centimeters loss just right after our first session and I was told I can still see more centimeters loss after 48 hours when the kinda “soreness” from the heat dissipates.

First, I went through a Tanita or Body Composition Analyer: It showed me my BMI, Metabolic Age, Fat to Muscle and Mass Composition and they told me what I need improved or maintain.

iLipo at Marie France

I am happy with what the Tanita said about my overall body composition. It said my body is 9 years younger than my real age and that my everything is at a good level except for my muscle level which I need more to build. Looks like I need to continue with my weight lifting at the gym!

Right after that I went through some body wrapping this one was super cold and I had to endure it for 25 minutes. Oh the things we do for vanity!

iLipo at Marie France

The another treatment was done where they placed some round pads on my butt, tummy, hips, sides and arms. This treatment simulates something like doing sit-ups/ crunches for how many sets you can do in 25 minutes.

2014-06-26 11.59.57

Then the main treatment feature,the iLipo!

iLipo at Marie France

iLipo works by stimulating the body’s natural response to fat-burning by utilizing low levels of visible red laser light to target and eliminate unwanted fats. Treatment pads are placed strategically on the problem area and the i.Lipo emits laser energy to break down the fats into fatty acids and glycerol. You get rid of this by flushing it out via Number 1 or 2 haha!
iLipo at Marie France

Who can have the iLipo?
Anyone who are struggling from stubborn and excess fat particularly in the arms, tummy, and thighs. It is perfect for those who want a more defined figure as it helps to contour the body to its ideal shape.

Session last for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on which area to be treated.

iLipo at Marie France

They need to have you wear that eye glasses to protect the eyes from the red light coming from the rays. They also cover you with blankets so that the light does not escape.

What I think of it?
It is not painful although there’s a slight warm sensation from the treatment pads.
I immediately loss a couple centimeters from our first session.
I was told that I can’t take a shower or get the area treated wet for at least 4 hours so the heat stays in the fats and I can burn some more.

iLipo at Marie France

I recommend it for those who have money and have less time too rigorous workout to tone their body and get rid of those stubborn flabs. Thanks NJ Torres for having me try it out. Here I am with NJ and David Guison who is also a Marie France and Facial Care Center baby.

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