World Cup, Father’s Day, Mercury Retrogade, Hormones — Happy Friday the 13th!

This is on helluva Friday.  #Fridaythe13th, full moon, mercury retrogade, FIFA #WorldCup, hormones, mom and bro’s bday, #FathersDay … tonight’s gonna be a CRAZY good day!#TGIF everyone. 

The World Cup Season will end on July 13, 2014 , so during the whole month of June expect your boys/men to be out-of-reach at this time.  Chill girls let’s just enjoy the view and have fun window shopping (for boys) if you are forced to watch with them (hello hormones!).

Father’s Day is June 15, 2014 Sunday, so if you don’t have anything yet for your father’s then it is easier to please them this time just take them to a viewing party and bring a lot of beer, pizza and chicken wings!

It’s full moon and Friday the 13th plus the Mercury Retrogade in effect until July 2, so all the lunatics out there, take it easy and do something relaxing, all superstition and science behind all this crazy thingamajigs, it will all pass.

Hope you all survive gracefully hahahaha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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