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A New Workout Routine to try out at Flying Trapeze Philippines

Each kid had this crazy dream of being in a circus.  I think at one point in our lives we wish we can cross a tight rope or do that somersault up in the air while swinging your way from one person to another like those who do the Flying Trapeze.

Well, it is time again to live a childhood dream, even once. It is time to try out the flying trapeze and cross it out on your bucket list for good or if you enjoyed the experience that much take lessons and be a pro circus star!

Today is the official launch of Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP) at the Bonifacio Global City!

Flying Trapeze Philippines

But more than just circus fun, plus, having long been exclusively relegated to professionals, FTP is excited to offer the general public the chance to fly! In addition to the thrill of soaring weightless through the air, the sport of flying on the trapeze has long been proven to be a great fitness routine that tones all of the body’s muscles from head to your toe.

Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP) is the first and only flying trapeze school open to the public in Metro Manila. Located in Bonifacio Global City, just behind the soccer turf on the corner of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, FTP is one of the crown jewels of Ayala’s new Active Zone and will be offering an experience not found anywhere else in the country.

More than that, flying trapeze teaches students how to control their bodies and improves their reflexes, especially when making a catch in mid-air. These two aspects of the trapeze combine to provide students with a challenging workout in a fun and exciting environment.

Since flying trapeze schools have opened around the world, their popularity has only been on the rise. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman and the musician Pink have joined the act, each citing it as an alternative to lifting weights. Pink even went so far as to incorporate her trapeze training in her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards performance and then again at the 2010 Grammy Awards show. Even Al Roker, the NBC News personality, broadcast his experience flying on the trapeze in New York City.

There is something for everyone at FTP. We provide classes for those who want the full experience of learning to fly and learning new tricks after they have mastered the basics as well as the opportunity to take just one swing during our daily Open Swing Sessions. There is nothing else quite like flying through the air, and we hope to see you soon at Flying Trapeze Philippines!

FTP will hold numerous classes six days per week with each class capped at 10 students so that everyone who comes will be able to fully participate. Sign-up on your own and meet new friends or come bond 25ft in the air with your closest barkada. ☺

For additional information, class schedules and to book a class / corporate event, please visit: or email:

Watch this short clip!


About Trapeze Inc.

Incorporated in 2014, Trapeze Inc. operates Flying Trapeze Philippines, the FIRST and ONLY full size Flying Trapeze rig in the Philippines and one of only a few in all of Asia. Measuring 32ft high by 12ft wide, FTP is located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and offers students of all ages, skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced), shapes and sizes, the chance to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Trapeze Inc. was founded by William Hsu, who has been flying since the age of 8.

P.S. I wanna try it out but with the way the weather is today I may skip.  Might try some other time when the weather is fine.  Good luck to those who will go today!  I am so excited for you!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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