World Without Strangers Music Festival by Giordano

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” — William Butler Yeats

If you have been reading this blog you all know I support local music artist and festivals. So when I heard that Giordano will have their first World Without Stranger Music Festival, nobody could ever stop me from going. The WWS was a free-for-all OPM concert featuring 15 local bands including Callalily, Sponge Cola, Urbandub, Franco, Up Dharma Down, Gracenote, Techy Romantics, Taken By Cars, Kala, Autotelic, Join The Club, Cygnet, Maude, Hidden Nikki and Yolanda Moon and of course no other than Giordano’s latest brand ambassador Rico Blanco.

The World Without Strangers is an advocacy campaign by Giordano inspiring and encouraging everyone to create that ideal world. “A world without strangers is a borderless one where people walk hand in hand and celebrate life as one,” Rico Blanco, music icon and Giordano Philippines’ latest brand ambassador.

As part of the campaign Giordano had a statement t-shirt designing contest and the winners were also awarded at the event, their designs will be available at their stores by end of July. WWS Citizens were also recognized at the music festival, they are the 12 individuals who have contributed to creating that ideal world–from social workers to artists, from writers to taxi drivers. Their videos were shown during breaks at the music fest.

The music festival started at 2PM but we arrived at about 6pm where Kian Cipriano of Callalily started performing!

I had my Share a Coke can with me while watching and shared it with Kian and Sis! Haha!

Taken by Cars set is always great. I love her!


We went to have dinner at Kenny Rogers and this is what greeted us when we got back! Glorietta was packed!

The it was Spongecola’s turn!

Yael so love his fans that he went to the general audience section and have someone carry him so he can see everyone and they can see him upclose. Karyl was also there to support her husband !

The Boys Night Out hosted the event and during one of the breaks, I was feeling playful and had my blogger friend Ruth dela Cruz join them on stage when they called for someone who just broken-up with his boyfriend! Obviously Ruth was uncomfy at the situation I put her into so it manifested on how she behaved with Sam YG, Toni Toni and Slick Rick! But really she is not suplada and not really bagong break-up, it is my fault she was there!

The finale of course, save the best for last, and according to the BNO, he is the highest paid performer at the event.


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