There are many people who collect sports cards for fun and profit. They need to have all the supplies necessary to collect the cards, but they also need to be able to find the cards when they are searching for a part of a set. The person who enjoys these cardsContinue Reading

Since I cut my hair the shortest length I got ever last month, I’ve been obsessed with styling it.  I never knew how shorter hair is higher maintenance than the medium one-length or longer hair I had for the longest time. When I got invited to the Tony and GuyContinue Reading

Geared at making the women’s life easier, Procter and Gamble (P&G) Philippines launched, a by membership community website with informative global and local lofestyle content, relevant conversation and delightful rewards. Yes you read that right it is by membership the great part is once you sign-up you will getContinue Reading

Inspire with the elegance and novelty of the streets of Paris, Uniqlo unveiled its second collaboration with French Designer Ines de la Fressange (IDlF) for their Fall Winter 2014 Collection. Unadorned, genuine, and comfortable to wear. Ines creatrd a collection with the traditional European fabrics such as tweed. Featuring smartlyContinue Reading

T-shirts tend to say a lot. Whether it is through an image or a symbol, even just a single word, people love making a statement with their fashionable clothing. People let the shirts that they wear speak for them in different ways. In many cases, a person’s clothing might tellContinue Reading

You have made decision to propose to your future bride-to-be. Now you are puzzled on the enduring task of finding the perfect diamond ring for the proposal. This can be a tricky task for men who want their future bride-to-be to be proud. Such an exciting event in your lifeContinue Reading