If you have noticed, the world is slowly going back to basics. The popularity of using all natural products swept the world from food, to clothing and even gadget accessories.  One of the innovations for gadgets include the bamboo made mobile phone amplifier.

Bamboomph vs Loudbasstard

While I have no personal knowledge who came first and I am really not sure which is the clone and which is not. But the hype for these babies are phenomenal.  Loudbasstard was more popular in my universe when I heard of all natural mobile bamboo amplifiers. I only heard about Bamboomph when it was given to me at the ISI Mixer party and I was told it originated from Cebu. Loudbasstard was a gift from AyosDito.ph now OLX.ph.

Bamboomph and Loudbastard
Bamboomph and Loudbastard

Well, while makers of these genius invention will say their product is the original, I just recently heard of customized ones like these a few days ago.  While they are the same in terms of they are made of bamboo,  they differ in some specifications like the cut, the finish and the sound quality. Let me show you why.


Bamboomph is thickicker in width Loudbastard is slimmer.
Bamboomph is thickicker in width Loudbasstard is slimmer.

IMG_20140901_140304BamboomPh has a glossy finish while Loudbasstard has a matte finish.

Bamboomph has a few centimeters wider phone slot compared to Loudbastard
Bamboomph has a few centimeters wider phone slot compared to Loudbasstard

And if you look closely, BamboomPh has a wider base and the side openings are placed a little higher compared to the Loudbasstard with very slim base and low side opening. Because of that the sound quality is also different.

Bamboomph vs LoudbastardYou may also notice that the base wrap is different.  Bamboomph uses what seems to be an abacca weaved rope for the base wrap, while Loudbasstard used rattan strips.

Loudbastard vs BamboomphAs for the size of the bamboo used for both product you make take note that the size variations are creationa of Mother Nature.


But because of the width of the base and the placement of the side sound exit points, the sound quality is different.  I like the sound from the BamboomPh than Loudbasstard. It’s all about the base.  Mas buo yung sound from BamboomPh sa loudbastard mejo sabog. Gets? 

If you want to try the two products come see me lol!  Or if you want to buy either of the two, they are priced almost the same nothing above Php1,000.00. You may visit www.bamboom.co for Bamboomph and www.loudbasstard.com for Loudbasstard.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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