Everyone is a kid at heart and that kid comes out each time something from their childhood comes back in any form or another, say McDonalds Happy Meal toys! Since I was a kid, my father and big brother (who was 14 years older than me) would come home duringContinue Reading

Is Orgqnique Acai Really Effective?  That is the question I’ve been getting lately. The promotion on Organique Acai Premium Blend was really agressive this past year.  I for one, was one of those who bought a bottle nine months ago after my mother suffered a major stroke. Was it effective?Continue Reading

I’m now HOOQd on MMFF 2015 movies. I must admit, I seldom watch Tagalog movies.  I grew up appreciating Hollywood movies more than I have of Filipino movies.  The only time I get to watch Classic Filipino Movies was when I was required for my Film Appreciation class to doContinue Reading