What Happened? Why Did The World Become So Unsafe?

I was doing my regular blog reading when I read a post of a moms dilema upon getting an Kindle as a gift for her 5 gear old daughter. Reading her post I agree to all of her concerns and draw my own thoughts about how did we become so fearful like this.

A few years back, I wrote about kids (and the whole world) these days turning autistic because of technology. They ask mom for the ipad or smartphone so they can play whatever game they play or watch youtube vids.

This mom sums up the fear/sadness I feel for the kids of this generation, they lack interpersonal contact just like having the disorder of people with autism, like my daughter. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2015/01/05/someone-gave-my-5-year-old-a-tablet

Had my daughter “normal” as the average person I would not let her suck in with gadgets and TV. But with her it is different, that’s how she learns and express coz she is non-verbal, images and gadgets help her express what she could not.

And when we are outside her eyes are wide open and she got curious eyes looks at people even looks them in the eye even too much close for (their) comfort (haha).

I don’t understand how the world outside somehow turned to be very unsafe for kids to play and mingle with other kids on their own. What happened along the way?

I remeber during my childhood, we would go to all the neighboring subdivisions and on our own and climb houses and pick macopa, camachile, mango or whatever fruit on bloom and it was not as scary as then for the owner of the houses or even us kids. Nobody feared being shot at or nobody feared being robbed by the kids.

What happened?

Have we sheltered our kids so much? Have we become our worst fear?  It is really mind boggling.  Will this fear ever end or will it worsen?  I wish it ends.

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