Month: October 2015

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Why Would I Move Away From Metro Manila and Live in Terraza de Sto. Tomas in Batanggas

I was born and raised in Metro Manila, in fact I have never been to my parents hometown provinces up North of Luzon (I’ve been everywhere but never their provinces pretty ironic seriously!). Honestly, I cannot imagine myself living away from the city, away from the comforts and convinience of having everything I need and […]

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The More You Buy the More You Can Fly For FREE! #BuyMoreFlyMore

Shopping for grocery items is an indispensable chore. I don’t think anyone would cost-cut on weekly household essentials just to save for luxury like airline tickets. Luckily for those who frequently shop at Robinson’s Supermarket for Procter and Gamble home essentials , you will get a chance to fly for free by collecting points with […]

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Surviving the Adventure Boot Camp for Bloggers at Kampo Trexo in Cavite #PioneerAdventure

I am the type of person who will try everything once as long as it doesn’t kill me, I will do it. I’m that kind of dare devil. I always like to challenge myself to my limit. However, no matter how daring I may be, I am also very prudent (sigurista). I have to make […]

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ACER Launches Yuppie-Budget-Friendly Smartphones

With the growing demands of the contemporary work environment, one must be well-equipped with the right gadgets that simplify everyday tasks. Young professionals of today live flexible and fast-paced lives and they are always on the look-out for a companion that can keep up with their lifestyle whether at work or at place. That is […]

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Inglot Beyond Freedom Launches Flexi Palette, AMC Brow Liner Gel Etc!

When did we ever said we have too much of makeup stuff? A blogger friend said as we were torn at picking which makeup items to bring home with us at the Inglot Beyond Freedom launch event at the One Shangri-la Place in Ortigas. Inglot, the brand who introduced the Freedom System, released four new […]

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Arrozeria Manila : Paella Just The Way You Want It

I’m sorry to say, but I was not that fond of Paella .  That’s because the ones I have tried in the past did not impress me because I never liked how it looks. You know everything is mixed together and the rice is sticky and sometimes wet, it kinda remind me of sorry *whispers* “kanin […]

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