East Meets Asian Flavored Wings

Having made its way into the hearts and stomach of Asians from all over the world, including Filipinos, Wingstop came up with four new flavors to keep things fresh and exciting.

#eastmeetsflavor #WingstopPH
I was one of those who tried the new flavors out and I already have my personal favorite, the Honey Barbeque Flavor Wings, it has the right combination of honey flavor combined with the smokey barbeque taste that has that delightful spice.

#eastmeetsflavor #WingstopPH
Others loved the Spicy Soy, the super hot flavored soy garlic flavor with everything spice in it! Phew, this is perfect with rice and those who love the Korean spicy food. If not into too much spicy but still kinda Korean, the Korean Soy is the flavor for you it kinda has that soy garlic flavor. Now if you like something sweet with that garlicy punch, then the Honey Garlic is the one for you.

East meets Asian flavored wingstop
I can tell you more but I think its better you visit a Wingstop branch near you and tell me which East Meets Flavor Wingstop Wings is your bet!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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