Feel Good Favorites at Robinsons Selections

It has been said that the things that constitute one’s daily life are extensions of who they are, and the products they surround themselves with, a reflection of their personalities. These are what shape their moods and it is important that they always have these staples around, to keep them feeling good all the time.

Despite being subjected to an ever-changing environment and changing personal situations, one always goes back and sticks to the things that gives them that familiar comfort. Robinsons Selections, the premium grocery store for discerning shoppers, carries a wide range of items, including all the classic essentials.

Here’s a list of the feel-good favorites one can find in Robinsons Selections:

Pampering basics
Nothing beats a refreshing bath. Keep yourself clean and looking great with products like Dove Oxygen and Nourishment shampoo and Ivory Original Bar Soap, plus the Gillette Fusion Body Razor and Johnsons Classic Baby Powder for that finishing touch.

The sweet smell of home
Make any space comfortable and cozy with home care items like Downy Parfum Timeless Collection, Tide with Downy and Zonrox Original.

Unwinding company
Unwind and be reminded of carefree days by snacking on all-time favorite munchies, like Oreo Vanilla cookies and Hershey’s chocolate bars, paired with either a cold Coke or Corona Extra Beer.

Kitchen cupboard mainstays
Keep the pantry filled with comfort food components that are easy to get a hold of when one suddenly feels like whipping up dishes that they grew to love. Stock up on Del Monte Pasta Spaghetti, Campbell Mushroom Soup, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Bob Redmill Quinoa Flour. Also keep a supply of Lucky Me Mini Batchoys for the tasty soup perfect for the rainy days.

Robinsons selections

Day starters
Snacks can only go so far, it’s really breakfast that defines comfort food for everyone. Remember only the good times with morning pick-uppers like Kelloggs Krave Chocolate Cereal and a Nescafe Gold Blend with Equal Low Calorie Sweeteners.

Superfoods to feel super
There is no question as to why the list is dominated by food as it is a primary happiness booster. But feel-better food can be more by being healthy as well. Choose from the likes of premium breads healthy mix rolls, and freshly-baked Baguette matched with the Laughing Cow Queso de Bola, to feel good emotionally and physically.

With feel-good favorites available for the taking at Robinsons Selections, shoppers can truly relive the good old happy memories and create new ones that will last a lifetime.

Btw, did you know that Robinsons Selections in BGC delivers for free within 500 meter radius for a minimum purchase of Php1000?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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