I was busy entertaining myself on my Instagram feed when I accidentally clicked the home page and saw a notification on the inbox folder icon. Clicking on it to see who messaged me, I saw tons of spam messages from IG bots and OMG, a message from Laneige Philippines that I almost ignored because it was lumped togeter with all other spam messsages. You can imagine my excitement when I read the message. I’m going to Singapore with and for Laneige. Yay!

It happens a lot, I guess it happens to you too when some of the important messages from old contacts or brands you work with magically finds its way on the spam or junk folder or even on the promotions folder. I’m glad Ms. Winnie and Mela (from Laneige Philippines) contacted me via my IG. IG messsages are not that creepy all the time you know. SNS! (Social media is real).

Fast forward to this week, I flew in to Singapore with three other companions to represent Team Laneige Philippines for the #laneigesparklingparty #youngertomorrow #perfectrenew event. I was with Belle from Preview Magazine and Mela and Jing from Laneige Philippines. There was 10 Country delegates coming together for the  LANEIGE Global Media Event for a Younger Tomorrow in Singapore. The global event was for the launching of the star product Perfect Renew Regenerator line which promises for a younger tomorrow as it helps tighetn and renew your skin baby tirangles ( you may read about the #PerfectRenew info here).

I couldn’t be more excited, it was my first time to fly in to Singapore, I went to Singapore via bus from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and left via bus to Kuala Lumpur too some 2-3 years ago. One of the things that was making me giddy about flying to Changi Airport was the StarWars exhibit happening there (they were there just a few days before my flight and will be there until January 2016) Hooray!

Anyway, we were picked up by our gracious host from the PR of Laneige Singapore ,  . It only took us 20 minutes to get to our hotel from the airport.

our airplane was huge because all flights were lumped into one
Because of the APEC week we were aboardthe  9 seater plane (usually used for international flights) because a lot of flights were canceleled and moved the next minute. This plane was fully booked!
at the Changi Airport LANEIGE Global Media Event for a Younger Tomorrow on our way to the South Beach hotel SingaporeSingapore celebrates 50 years #SG50
OMG! Our hotel is fabulous! We stayed at The South Beach located at the Beach Road in Singapore, it is just a block away from the Marina Square. It was a new hotel at the area and we were lucky to be one of the first to maximize the use of the hotel! I will write a separate post about The South Beach its just a very beautiful hotel!

I was very much impressed with the hotel lobby, check-in area was very casual yet very chic as each “counter” area has amazing furniture and chandelier displays. The giant Mural Art LED wall was so pretty and trippy! Each “check-in counter” has different cabinet and chandelier displays and there’s a row of pretty couches and chairs displayed. I reconized some of them as Kenneth Cobunpue signature designs!

They handed me my room keys and my lanyard with the info of our itenerary on our entire stay and off I head to my room.

My room was on the 7th floor, and it was fabulous. Inside my was LANEIGE treats waiting for me! One was a pack of LANEIGE Collagen Drink by the mini-bar area, the other was the LANEIGE Perfect Renew Regenerator Line Trial Kit with a box of cake and a note about our schedule for the night!

Laneige event at The South Beach eventLaneige event at The South Beach SingaporeLaneige Collagen drink packLaneige Perfect Renew Regenerator trial kit
After freshening up, we had dinner where we met all other delegates at the Flow 18 (at the 18th floor rooftop) of the hotel. The view was magical, it was overlooking Singapore with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel most ladmark giant ship structure roofdeck in sight. Food was delish. This was the first time I met Claro from AMOREPACIFIC (mother company of Laneige) there never was a dull moment with him especially with him and Mela bullying each other in a good way, its hillarious!

The night is young and we are all free for the night, our schedule is full the next day for now it was all about getting acquainted with each other, Singapore and or hotel. Which we all did.

#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow
Counter clockwise: Jing, Mela, Claro and Belle
#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow#laneigesparklingparty, #perfectrevenew, #yongertomorrow
We took a cab to Marina Bay Sands Mall (fare is SGD 9.80 including flagdown rate of SGD 4.00) We had some quick shopping and a sight seing stroll around the area, and yes some photo ops here and there! Fun! We walked on our way back to the hotel and we pass the beautiful Helix bridge.

Weather was nice and fortunately fog was gone. Yay! We got back to our hotel around 11pm. I was kinda tired because of the long walk haha, but it was fun, made myself a nice bubbly warm bath and soaked for awhile in the beautiful bathroom and tried the LANEIGE Renew Regenerist Trial pack they gave us thereafter.

Earthlingorgeous in SingaporeEarthlingorgeous in Singapore #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrevnew #youngertomorrowEarthlingorgeous in Singapore #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrevnew #youngertomorrowEarthlingorgeous in Singapore #laneigesparklingparty #perfectrevnew #youngertomorrowEarthlingorgeous in Singapore#laneigesparklingparty #perfectrevnew #youngertomorrow
I had a very relaxing sleep and woke up at 8am! Just in time for breakfast for a packed day where the media launch, pampering session, makeover, DIY craft making, workshop , the sparkling grand ball party happened. I will tell you more about it on my next post.

Meanwhile you can browse some of Earthlingorgeous in Singapore live post during the event on my Instagram @earthlingorgeous just use the hashtag #laneigesparklingparty #youngertomorrow and #perfectrenew , you can also see the other delegates post in there too.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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