#MMFF2015AwardsNight became a trending Tweet in the Philippines, ever wondered why?   Let me tell you the story from the audience side of the event.

Yes, I was there. It was my first time to attend the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect for this year.  I was actually clueless about the #MMFF2015Scandal (which was also a trending hashtag on Twitter).  I was out-of-the-loop since the holidays, we have not watched local/free TV since then and I have no idea what is happening outside! Yes, I had a social media break as well.  I didn’t know that there was some kind of  silent protest going on.  All I know was I was invited by HOOQ to be there and watch the awarding of the New Wave Categories, you know the short films and animation film entries.  I was not planning on staying long, but the curious cat wanted to stay, so I did and yup I #GetHOOQdonMMFF !

#MMFF2015AwardsNight #GetHOOQdonMMFF



While we all thought it’s glam and fun , because when they put it on air, it looks like it.  When the show is off-the-air, it was boring, or well, there was a lot of dead air and waiting time.   There were so many vacant seats.  Most people did not follow the dresscode. It was actually the saddest awards night I’ve ever been (as if I’ve been to many) But well of all supposedly celebrity studded events I’ve been this one feels short.


If I am not mistaken, this was the first time the MMFF Awards Night was held in Cubao, the KIA Theater to be exact, formely known as New Fronteir , just a stone throw away from Gateway Mall.  I had no idea why they moved the venue there but from the previous I’ve been to KIA Theater, it was not that grand place like CCP Theater  where the MMFF Awards Night usually happens.

Another thing I observed was not too many big stars attended the #MMFF2015AwardsNight.  The biggest stars present were the host and award presenters and performers themselves, but in the audinece, not much was there.  (Update: I was told most stars were travelling but with the tension inside the theater it could be a silent protest. Just saying!)  What happened to loving their craft and supporting the Filipino movie industry?  If ever they are in protest of the festival, could they ever put up another kind in their own?  How could they if amongst themselves they can’t compromise.  MMFF movies and stars and supporters should like one not competing with each other breaking the Filipino movie industry not binding it together, IMO.

Richard Gutierrez and KC Conception hosted the event.  Jennelyn Mercado who incidentally won the 2015 MMFF Best Actress (#WalangForever) and  HOOQ Female Star of the Night  was a presenter for the 2015 MMFF Best Actor. Jennelyn accepted Jerrico Rosales Award for the 2015 MMFF Best Actor since they are co-stars in the movie #WalangForever who incidentally also won the 2015 MMFF Best Picture.


Stars like Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel , Yasi Pressman, Alonso Mulach, Bella Padilla, all performed at the event.  Tirso Cruz III who won the Best Supporting Actor and Cesar Montano won the HOOQ Male Star of the Night was also an award presenters. Janine Gutierrez, Ara Mina, Maria Ozawa, Bret Jackson, Andrea del Rosario were all award presenters as well.  Aisa Seguerra was there with her wife who incidentally was also a presenter and a part of the New Wave Full Length film Toto which incidentally won the 2015 New Wave Full Length Best Picture award.



One of the epic episodes that happened at the event was when Director Eric Matti won the 2015 MMFF Best Director award for the movie Honor Thy Father.  Direk Eric did not accept his award but somebody accepted it for him at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight and read the directors speech which was very fiesty.  He aired his grievances over the 2015 MMFF Award Jury and Committee because their movie was disqualified all of a sudden for the MMFF Best Picture Award together with other independent film entries who should have been nominated as well.

You may listen / watch to his speech read by a friend here:

Meanwhile, Tirso Cruz III and Cesar Montano also aired their concern about the seemingly unfairness of the committee.   KC Conception and Richard Gutierrez also speak up, KC was kinda shaken a bit when she was saying how she feels about the entire alleged #MMFF2015Scandal .

It was also noticeable that nobody came to stage when Janine Gutierrez announced the 2015 MMFF 3rd Best Picture Award winner My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore.  Everyone waited for someone to come up, when nobody did, one of the award presenters took the award.


Direct Carlo Caparas was also daring as a presenter when he cussed over the fake nominees mentioning 2015 Presidential Election Winners.  It was funny!

When My Bebe Love was called again as winner for the Gatpuno J. Villegas Cultural Award, somebody came up stage and accepted it.  I am surprised that there was no representative from OctoArts Film and the actors from the movie were no show too.  I don’t know what happened.  It would have been great for Maine Mendoza to personally accept her first acting award as she won the 2015 MMFF Best Supporting Actress award.  I was thinking that the My Bebe Love actors and actress especially Maine and Alden Richards have wild followings and that the Kia Theater was too small and the venue was so easily accessible that the festival security won’t be able to handle.  Who knows!


I am not an authority to say if the winners at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight were deserving or not as I have not seen any of the 2015 MMFF Movies. All I was able to see were the 2015 MMFF New Wave Category Short Film and Animation finalist because they are available via HOOQ and I think they all deserve it.

Winners of the New Wave category include the animated film, Buttons, which was created by Marvel Obemio, Francis Ramirez and Jared Garcia of De La Salle University – College of St. Benilde and the short film entitled, Mumu, written and directed by Cheryl Tagyamon of UP Diliman.

Other winners included Krystal Brimber (Best Festival Child Performer: Honor Thy Father); Cesar Montano (HOOQ Male celebrity of the night); Jennylyn Mercado (HOOQ Female celebrity of the night); Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone (Best Original Story, Walang Forever); Paul Sta.Ana (Best Screenplay, Walang Forever); Erik Matti (Best Director, Honor Thy Father); Tirso Cruz III (Best Supporting Actor, Honor Thy Father); Maine Mendoza (Best Supporting Actress, My Bebe Love); Jericho Rosales (Best Actor, Walang Forever); and Jennyln Mercado (Best Actress, Walang Forever). The Best Picture Award was for Walang Forever followed by Buy Now Die Later (2nd Best Picture) and My Bebe Love (3rd Best Picture).

As for the Best Dressed I think KC Conception, Janine Gutierrez and Jennelyn Mercado were equally glowing that night. KC changed three times during the entire event! Bongga!


For now , because of what I witnessed at the #MMFF2015AwardsNight I will watch a number of movies, so I can make my own opinion and tell you if they were wrong or right.  All I can say is that we should support all Filipino movies #parasaekonomiya .

Some of the 2015 MMFF finalists and winners will be available on HOOQ.tv soon so we can all #GetHOOQdonMMFF.  You may sign up now for a free 30 day trial or pay Php149.00 for a monthly subscription or get it free if you have GLOBE Broadband subscription of Php1,299.00 and up!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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