Which Nivea Sun Product Is For You + How to Apply Sunblock Properly

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Which Nivea Sun Product Is For You + How to Apply Sunblock Properly

Do you know which Nivea Sun product should you use?

Summer is just around the corner and I am sure you have laid out your plans for your summer of 2016 getaways. Along with the planning on where to go and what to wear, we should also be aware of the skin care product we will be bringing with you.

Most think that sunblock is just meant for those who don’t want to get dark or tanned during summer. The truth is sunblock is not meant to prevent you from getting dark but it is more to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Did you know that there are seven (7) different Nivea Sun products and they have different uses. Here’s how to find out which one is for you:

Which Nivea Sun Product is for you + How to properly apply sunblock?

How to properly apply Nivea Sun product sunblock ?

If you are using sun lotion — For every region of your body (from head to neck), arms (left and right), breast, stomach area, front legs (left and right and back of your foot), legs left and right backside, upper back and lower back — you need to apply a thick line of sun lotion from the tip of the middle finger to the carpus.

If you are using sunspray , you need atleast to spray at least 15 times on every region mentioned above!

Because effective sun protection need more than high SPF. This is according to the EU-standard which is 2cms per cms of the body!

I know that’s alot but hey you don’t wanna suffer from skin cancer or look older than you really are or age faster than the average right?

Personally my favorite Nivea Sun product  is the waterproof one and the spray. How about you ?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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