The Kind of Invasion that will Make You Surrender

Chicken is my main food preference, I can eat chicken forever.  My favorite would be fried or steamed but sometimes I want to try some new flavors.  Luckily, theres the Wingstop Flavor Invasion where I  can experience all 14 of its mouth-watering flavors!

How?  Just purchase any Wingstop Flavor and get a Wingstop Flavor Pass for free.  The Wingstop Flavor Pass is available since May 23 up to August 31, 2016.   With the pass you can Collect stamps for every flavor that you try and earn yourself P1,000 gift certificates for every Flavor Pass that you complete. But that’s not all, customers get extra wings with every purchase of the Classic or Batter-Fried Wings.  So if your appetite requires a 5-piece, you get 1 piece free. If you’re craving for a 7-piece, you get 2 wings for free and if you order an 11-piece, you get 3 free
wings with your purchase!
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The Wingstop Flavor Invasion gives you the freedom to explore and try the many
different flavors that Wingstop has to offer, definitely the kind of invasion that will make  you surrender.
Flavors are Hot Buffalo, Cajun, Mango Habanero, Atomic, Garlic Parmesan Spicy Soy,  Hickory Smoked Barbeque, Mild Buffalo, Teriyaki, Korean Soy, Honey BBQ, and Honey Garlic.
Winstop Flavor Invasion
Give in and explore the endless possibilities of flavor and take part in the Wingstop Flavor Invasion now. To know more, LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on
Instagram and Twitter.
Stay gorgeous everyone!
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