Month: June 2016

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How Globe Changes Entertainment in the Philippines #GlobeWWGX

I rarely watch television.  For one we don’t have cable and two I watch my TV series and movies I failed to watch online and I can do it at my own time. I think this is now the truth for most consumers, and this is what Globe recognized with the new offerings they recently revealed. […]

Travel & Culture

Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

My recent travel took me to Luang Prabang in Laos, a  place I have not included on my must-see places before. It’s not that it is not popular, it was just not one of the countries in my priority list.   It was a great opportunity to be invited by the Mekong Tourism for a multi-country […]


My Thoughts on Finding Dory

One of the reasons I made a blog is that I don’t want to forget happy experiences, people, places and things I come across.  I just had this unreasonable fear of memory loss when I get older . I did suffer for temporary amnesia awhile back in my life and it was not fun (that […]

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