What Medicines Can You Buy for 200 Pesos?

What Medicines Can You Buy for 200 Pesos?

As soon as I entered the event venue, I was given an event “passport”, a list of medicines available for purchase, and a cheap money worth 200 Pesos.

At the back of my mind I went pessimistic, what Medicines can you buy for 200 pesos?

Generika Drugstore

See, I buy my daughters vitamins and medicines before and we buy my mom’s maintenance medicines, I also have allergies and get anti-allergy meds worth 60+ pesos a capsule. I imagined getting 4 pieces of medicines and vitamins for 200 Pesos and that is all.

How cheap is this company, I was being judgmental at that moment.

But as professional as I was, I went in and explored the booths in the event venue. Wow!  free RFS (sugar level)  test and free blood pressure test. Ok let’s try that.  My blood sugar is kinda high than normal but still on the border of normal.   My blood is low than normal but still average norm for women like me.

Generika Drugstore

Hmmmm… Generic medicines by Actimed aren’t they not as effective as the branded ones?  That was the common notion but they debunked the claim.

Then I went to another booth that introduces MedPadala, an innovative way to send money to your loved ones but assuring that the money you send is really used for medicines they needed. It can be purchased at all Generika Drugstore branches or even LBC or money service providers in the country. All you need is pay the amount you want to give to your loved ones and then get the pass code that they can use to purchase their medicines. The amount is consumable and it has no expiry, plus those who have the code can use it to buy medicines at Generika branches anywhere in the country. I think this is the smartest gift you can give your loved ones especially those who really needed maintenance medicines. Money is actually spent for medicines and not anywhere else.

I was impressed.

Generika Drugstore

Then I went to the booth where we can use our cheap money worth 200 Pesos. There were a couple choices but I was surprised that I was able to take home 40 pieces of paracetamol, 30 pieces of Sodium Ascorbate and 6 pieces of losanges. If I shop for same number of pieces at the regular or popular Parmaceuticals I could imagine I would need to pay a thousand pesos or more!

Generika Drugstore

Here’s what I bought:

Generika Drugstore


That’s not all, aside from getting super cheap medicines I was assisted by a pharmacists about the use of the meds, when to take it and how many times a day. And in case I forget what she said, there is a printout from the Generika POS with the information about the medicine and how often I should take it ans when.


Definitely not your ordinary pharmacy or medicines, Generika Drugstore would like to serve as a guide (in local language Gabay) towards getting better. They don’t just have affordable medicines they also have pharmacists to assist you in the kind of medicines or vitamins you need for yourself or your loved ones.

This kind of service is definitely something we all need. We don’t have to cry over super expensive medicines or get snubbed by pharmacists who don’t even want to answer the difference of this vitamin to that vitamin. Having an alternative place, a much affordable one and yet effective is something we all need.

Generika Drugstore

I am looking forward to find a Generika Drugstore near me as we spend about 2,000 pesos a week for my mother’s medicines, I would imagine expense will go down if we go to Generika instead. I do hope they have my mom’s prescription too. At the moment there is about 57 kinds of generic medicines and vitamins available and they are hoping to expand to 66 by the end of the year. Branches is also expected to balloon to about 1,000 Generika Drugstore all over the country soon.

How about you, have you ever doubted using generic medicines? Have you tried buying meds from a Generika Drugstore? Tell me your experience!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Hello earthling gorgeous! Generika drugstore has more than 2k medicines available. The 57 we hve now are just our own actimed housebrand. 🙂 on top of that we carry several others plus a few consumer goods as well 🙂 thank you for coming! Hope you had fun! 😉

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