Month: September 2016

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Interior Design Evolution #PSID2016

One of my childhood dream was to be an interior designer. Growing up I enjoyed looking at home magazines and enjoyed home makeover and interior decoration shows. While I tried to enroll for that course in college, there was a better plan for me being a communications student so I went the other way. However, […]

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What’s New From the #BloggerMailBox 6 + Top Blogs Philippines

So, every blogger I know right now in Manila is feeling some sense of freedom after the Top Blogs Philippines went offline for probably about a month or so now.  Freedom because they no longer feel compelled to compete with themselves and other bloggers for the ranking that most of them said is flawed but […]

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Happenings: Olay x Lloren + Payoneer Launches

Just two of the events I attended recently happened at the Bonifacio Global City were the launch of the Olay x Lloren uniforms and the formal launch of Payoneer in the Philippines.  The Olay x Jojie Lloren collaboration was to create unique,  streamlined,  and elegant uniforms for Olay sales ladies at Olay beauty counters.  These ladies cam […]


What I Think of The Magnificent Seven Movie

Cowboys and Indians movies. I’m trying to recall movies I’ve seens with the Wild Wild West as the theme.  I could remember some scene from the Back to the Future 3, the Wild Wild West with Will Smith (?) , Indiana Jones, Pocahontas and Toy Story.  The rest are blur, but I do remember seeing […]

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Saying The Best Goodbye When We Die + Necro-Tourism #PhoenixMemorial #CentennialGarden

Are you ready to die? Ok let me rephrase that are you prepared for your death? For some people, talking about death is morbid.  Some people try to avoid the topic of dying because it’s very gloomy.  While talking about death is sort of creepy , it’s the only thing that is sure to happen to all […]

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