How To Get Your US Visa Application Approved

How To Get Your US Visa Application Approved

UPDATE:  Last week of  January 2019 I went for my second US Visa tourist/non-immigrant (B1/B2) interview and got approved for a multiple entry valid for 10 years Visa.  All I did was do the same things I did below so read on!


If you search the internet, there are so many tips you will find on how to get your US Visa Application Approved . If you ask friends and relatives they will give you a lot of tips as well. Some are useful but some are not necessary at all.

This was my first time to apply for a US Visa and I am relieved and glad to tell everyone I got approved for my first time ! Yes, first time US Visa applicant here and I got my US Visa approved! Cartwheels for me!

Honestly, it was not a trip at the candy store. For a first timer it was a nerve wracking experience. You’ll never know what happens plus with all the things you hear about what goes on while inside the US Embassy was a tale until you get to experience it yourself.

So how did I get my US Visa Application Approved, how to get your US Visa approved.

STEPS for applying for a U.S. Visa (tourist)


Step 1: Pay the US Visa Application Fee first. Fee cost US$160 . You can pay at any BPI Branches just make sure to print your own receipt as the bank will ask for it. Keep your copy of the reciept you will need it in the US Embassy when your interview schedule comes.

Step 2: Complete your DS 160 Application form. Print the confirmation page.  Here’s the link

Step 3: Get a schedule for an interview at the US Embassy. Print your appointment letter all pages. Here’s the link to find a schedule and get the receipt to print



What you need during your interview day:

  1.  Your valid Passport
  2.  Your DS 160 confirmation page (the one with the photo)
  3.  Your Appointment Letter
  4.  1 2×2 photo
  5.  Your US VIsa Application receipt

Honestly this is all they will be asking for you when you are at the US Embassy vicinity. There’s two lines before entering the building where they will ask for you Appointment Letter, second line they will ask for your valid passport and the DS 160 Confirmation Page. When inside the embassy you’ll go to three steps process. Step 1 is for screening. Step 2 is photogaphing they will get your thumbprints. Step 3 is when you talk to the consul who will give the judgement if you will be granted a visa or not.

My tips on getting a good first impression from the consul:

  1. Come in your most presentable outfit. Business attire or just like applying for a job interview. Not too flashy just decent and respectable. Not too much makeup. No makeup look works.
  2. Just answer what the consul ask, don’t talk too much. Short and sweet is the way. Be straightforward, honest and frank. Be as honest as possible. Don’t look so eager to get the visa and don’t be too nervous while talking and no sudden movements. Make sure to be consistent with what you said on your DS 160 when you filled it up and what you will tell the consul. Small white lies are detectable. I think they are psyche major.


Here’s how my US Visa Application Interview  went:

Consul:  Good Morning
Me:  Morning
Consul:  May I have your passport and DS 160 please.
Me:  Here
Consul:  What are your reasons for visiting the United States
Me:  I am going to visit a plant in ______ (I shall disclose this to everyone when I’m there!)
Consul:  What plant is this?
Me:  It’s ________ (I will not disclose ATM )
Consul:  What is this plant?
Me:  It’s a _________________
Consul:  What is it again?
Me:  (Explained with a little hand gesture because the name sounds different when it’s spelled haha!)
Consul:  Oh! Yeah got it. So why are you visiting this plant.
Me:  I won a raffle at the media event and the tour is part of the prize.
Consul:  So what do you do?
Me:  I’m a blogger
Consul:   What is your blog?
Consul:    What is it about?
Me:  A lifestyle blog
Consul:  What’s the name of the blog again?
Me:   Earthlingorgeous, Earthling plus gorgeous , but one word and single g.
Consul:  (Types , clicks mouse and browse the computer in front of her. Few seconds after) When are you planning to visit the plant?
Me:  Sometime in ___________ (I shall not disclose the date yet until I have the flight details!) I have the invitation letter here
Consul:  It’s fine you say sometime in _____?
Me: Yes
Consul:  Have you traveled outside the Philippines before?
Me:  Yes, but only in Asian countries.
Consult: What Course did you take in College?
Me: Communications, Mass Communications
Consul:  OK, I will grant you your visa. You will recieve it a week from now. Enjoy your trip.
Me:  Thank you so much!
Consul:  You are welcome.

Then I left the booth with a happy heart like walking in air. I think the entire process just took less than 45 minutes including waiting for your turn at the queu.  Everything happened standing so I suggest wear comfortable shoes.

See, that went very smooth and easy. She didn’t even ask if I was married, single or have a child. She never asked for my bank statements or even my invitation letter .

There’s only one true thing about the hearsays about having a US Visa Application Approved, it will all depend on the consul. If she or he is in a good mood, good for you, if not, pray hard you will be granted a visa.

I am so excited for having my first ever US Visa approved! Thank God for it all! I think the sun was shining bright for me that day (even if there was weather advisory that there was a Typhoon up!). I just had my interview at the US embassy this September 26, 2016 and today, I got my visa with me now, September 29, 2016!

How about you have you applied for a US Visa before how was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

US Visa approvedP.S. this is for a tourist / non-immigrant visa only (B1/B2), there’s different requirements and procedure for immigrant visa.



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  1. We had the same questions lang, parang lahat naman yata ng ngpapa interview same questions kasi naririnig ko naman ung mga nauna sakin. Kinabahan ako ng todo din before my interview pero maging honest ka lang, approve naman. Sulit ang bayad infairness:)

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