Unboxing: Moodboard USB Powered Lamp

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Unboxing: Moodboard USB Powered Lamp

I was just at an interior design show and I was totally inspired by what I saw.  Aside from the entire design I was also keen on knowing where the pieces come from.  Every little detail counts to make an entire room design work.

Recently, I got this Moodboard USB Powered Lamp and I really love it.  I think it will look good on the my favorite Funk Art room.  Aside from it having this unique design, I love the fact that it’s USB powered. I can use my powerbank or attach it on my laptop and I have a very inspiring mood lighting in my room or anywhere I want to put this lamp on.

Watch this video to see the unboxing and how the moodboard usb powered lamp looks like:

If you want to get this Moodboard USB Powered Lamp or any other unique yet functional interior design pieces, you may check Moodboard Manila on Facebook.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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