Month: October 2016

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I am sure you have noticed it, I rarely post photos of my family in my blog. I want to give them the privacy they deserve in spite of how public figure I have made myself become because of this blog. I keep my family sacred and safe from outside criticism and everything else. I […]

Advocacy Home & Family

#Ariel100StainsIn1Wash Face Your Fears Summit

If you’re fears were like stains that can be washed away would you do it? Fears are like warning signs, some fears are valid like having our loved ones hurt, illness and pain. Some are not, like the fear of the unknown. Recently, I attended the Arial Wash Your Fears Summit held at the Shooting […]


Sp-HOOQ-tacular First HOOQ Hangout with Kids #KidsonHOOQ

As an early Halloween treat, the third installation of the monthly HOOQ Hangout was dedicated for children. Starting the kids young in their quality and legal movie and series downloads #KidsOnHOOQ  the “SP-HOOQ-tacular” event gathered young movie buffs in their spookiest costumes as they watched Monster House, an Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature horror-comedy […]


My Tutuban Center 1 Hour 1K Pesos Halloween + Christmas + Home Shopping Challenge #OnlyOneTutuban

Honestly, I don’t go to to Divisoria.  While I heard it is a shopping mecca in the Philippines for all affordable, cheap, amazing shopping finds, I dare not go, ever.  Then Tutuban Center invited me over for a shopping challenge.  Now there’s a reason for me to go. You know how Divisoria was notorious for the […]

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