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Financial Literacy and Financial Advisors

Can you say that you are financially literate?

Sure you know the math and you do the math sometimes. But does your balance sheets tally with your debit more than your credits?

Being financial literate is more than just the numbers .  It’s more on where to wisely put your hard earned money to secure and sustain a lifestyle you want. That is what a financial advisor is all about. They don’t just sell premiums and education, retirement or health insurances. They give the option to have less worries when it comes to your finances especially when you  need it most.

Financial Advisors “are there to listen and help and address the potential customers financial protection needs”, said Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos.

It is also an attractive career option for those who want a work-life balance. This career  allows the person to do good while doing well. Work-Life balance is not just about time.  It is about having meaningful balance between achieving one’s ambition and making a postive difference to other people’s lives.

Philam Life financial advisors

This is what they want to show to us during the Philam Strong event.  They want boost up their financial advisors recruitment program and introduced one-stop-shop office called SPARK.  SPARK offers fully digital personalized services to give the best customer experience to customers of Philam Life, BPI-Philam and PAMI.  While Philam’s Customer Portal called ePlan is  provides customers a facility to access policy details and make transaction anytime, anywhere.

Philam Life’s financial advisors and agency leaders also work from the comforts of their own interactive mobile office called IMO – an app which they can use to plan their business, recruit, monitor and manage sales activity. Another innovation, IPos, is their interactive point of sale system, first iPad-based paperless applicaiton that aids financial advisors do financial need analysis, present product options, recieve application and pay in one sitting.

Another modern facility for financial advisors by the brand is the GENESIS by Philam Life, it offers end-to-end training and development program that fast tracks their journey towards becoming premier agency leaders and elite members of the global Million Dollar Rount Table club.

So if you want some new career options, or just need to talk about financial literacy, look these up.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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