Hotels vs Airbnbs: What Works Better for Solo Travellers?

Hotels vs Airbnbs: What Works Better for Solo Travellers?

Today, everyone wants to travel to see and experience other cultures and places. This surge in the travel bug means more flight connections to different parts of the world, and a big spurt in dining and stays.

With many options ranging from cheap hotels, hostels and shared accommodation like Airbnbs, you have more staying choices and flexibility than ever before. So, what works best for you?



If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture, then Airbnb is your best option. You get to stay in the house of a local resident, and this truly ups your local travel experience. You get to talk and interact with them to experience their way of life. In fact, you can also eat and live like a local for almost half the cost of a hotel.

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However, there is also a flip side to Airbnbs, especially with respect to security. Despite all the reviews you read online, your security is not guaranteed because there is no security guard who is paid to protect guests like you and this can be a bother, especially for solo travellers.


Though less adventurous than Airbnb, hotels are safe as they have round-the-clock security guards to protect their guests. Also, the front desk can help you with recommendations and places to see. Some hotels even have a tie-up with tour operators, so the chances for a discount on tours is also possible.

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In terms of comfort, nothing can beat a hotel, especially when you book after reading online reviews. Further, they are more likely to have standardised services like restaurants, spa services, bicycle rentals, complimentary airport shuttles and more that are sure to make your stay a hassle-free one.

In short, hotels are a better choice for solo travellers when compared to Airbnbs. Though staying with a local resident makes a trip more satisfying, it may not always turn out to be safe, especially if you are travelling solo to an unknown place. Also, security issues and lack of amenities like shuttles and spa services mean you are better off in a hotel when you travel alone.

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