Month: November 2016

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Crème Simon in the Philippines – A Quick Review

Crème Simon, the no.1 French Skincare Brand and no.1 Brightening Skincare from Paris is now here in the Philippines . This was the brand who created in 1860 in France. This was the brand who created the first stable beauty cream. Crème Simon is also acknowledge as at the 2016 Elle Beauty List as one […]

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Cathy Doll Trial Sachets at 7-11

There’s so many products out there but how will you know if a product works for you or not?  Of course you have to try it out.   But what if you don’t want to spend for an entire bottle because you are unsure of the result? Fortunately, Cathy Doll has made their products more […]

Adventure Travel & Culture

Camp N Incubator Trail and Bike Hub — A Safe Place for Mountain Biking in the Philippines

Do you want to start the sport and adventure of mountain bike trailing but don’t know where to go? Do you want to know how to ride a bike? This place is for you. I’ve been contemplating on getting a bigger bike, specifically a mountain bike for years now.  But since I don’t know where […]

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