My Collateral Beauty Movie Review

Collateral Beauty

In everything there is a why,  then there are these three “obstructions” Love, Death and Time.

“These three things connect every single human being on Earth.  We long for love.  We wish we had more time.  And we fear death.”

Collateral Beauty for me is a great  2017 New Year movie to watch because it  makes you reevaluate your life.  Something we all do and need whenever a new year starts. Or well, that’s how I felt after watching it, or as I was watching it.   The script was well writen very profound , like I was reading the writings of Buddah. Haha!

Will Smith was my main reason for watching the movie, I am such a huge fan.  Most if not all of his movies are great and he is one gorgeous man, remember IRobot?  But aside from his delicious physique he is a great actor.  In this movie he was an actor and maybe deserves a nomination.   I can feel his emotions resonating on me, the anger, the fear, the anxiety, I can feel it bouncing on me right from the screen.  When the camera zoomed in on his eyes, OMG!  I feel a lump on my throat and my chest just heavy.  But no tears fell down my cheeks, I was no longer cry baby like I used to be.

Keira Knightly fell short in this movie, I was looking for more exposure but I guess they made Love short and sweet.  Helen Mirren on the other side showed her acting prowess in this one.  Inspite of having the “dark” character she was actually the comedy relief in it.

I am still processing the Collateral Beauty. I want to see it again.  Whoever wants to take me to the movies please take me and let’s watch this.  The movie will be showing Wednesday,January 4, 2016.  It’s  family movie, but I think your kids will ask you a lot of questions you may have a hard time to answer.  Processing takes time.  You may need to self-reflect on this one.

Collateral Beauty features Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Michael Pena, Naomi Harris, Jacob Latimore, Kiera Knightly and Helen Mirren.


Don’t let the movie trailer fool you.  Make sure to notice the Collateral Beauty !

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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