Mossimo Spring/Summer 2017 + #WIWTD 105 Distressed

Mossimo Spring/Summer 2017

Stress got the best of me the past few days.   I think my no-rice diet lately contributed to my beastmode-ish response to annoying situtations I encounter.  Plus the fact I’ve been dying to hit the beach and get my dose of Vitamin Sea.

Aside from getting energized with the sun, sea and sky I also love beach / spring / summer fashion.  It is so laid-back and free and everyone gets to be more creative and expressive with their personal style.

This reminded me of the Mossimo Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Mossimo’s SS’17 collection revolves around relaxed, laid-back pieces that are perfect for that almost-bohemian, Coachella-inspired look and lifestyle.
You can spot dynamic range of pieces and an interesting texture play on weaves and cotton knits, the brand makes it incredibly easy to cop the looks of the always-stylish who populate the crowded festive grounds. From sexy off-shoulder tops, comfortable yet trendy maxi-dresses, funky space dyed polo tops, and your favorite closet staple of denims, the collection, while never compromising quality and wearability, personifies the burst of colors that can only be found in festive music extravaganzas.

Check some of my favorite items in the Mossimo SS201u below:


Below is my take on the Coachella vibe from the Mossimo SS2017 as I imagine the city skyline view is actually mointains and ocean!
Mossimo Spring/Summer 2017

I’m wearing the Mossimo SS2017 distressed jeans and paired it with an off-the-shoulder top from somewhere else and of course a white rubber sneakers from Converse.

I love this distressed jeans from Mossimo, while it is rugged it looks sexy and edgy because it is high cut. pkus pairing it with and off-the-shoulder top tucked in gives it an unusual flirty twist. Plus a white sneakers , not just any sneaker though but Converse! I call this rugged-feminine.

What do you think?

The Mossimo Spring/Summer 2017 collection is already available in all Mossimo stores nationwide!

Visit for updates!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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