Month: July 2017

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Mary Kay Celebrates 17 Years of Beauty and Skincare in the Philippines + One Makeup Brand Look

Mary Kay Celebrates their 17 Years of offering beauty and skincare product in the Philippines at a pop-up event in Lanai Manila in Makati showcasing the brand’s rich heritage, inspiring vision and full skincare and makeup range. We were asked to come in our naked no makeup face so we can fully experience their products […]

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World’s First Justice League Smartphone

I have always been a fan of superhero cartoons and movies.  The idea that there are super humans or even a gentle hearted aliens whose main concern and mission in life is to ride the world of all the bad elements is my real life dream. As a girl up to now  they’re the ones […]

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Finally Found Someone + the Oppo Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition F3 Smartphone

Dear Future Husband, If you are reading this, Thank You.  I hope you also take time to introduce yourself to me now because I am tired of waiting.  If you are there and you exist, show yourself to me now as we may be running out of time as I feel the world is about […]


Penshoppe Denimlab DIY 2017 Event + More Ways than One to Customize/ Update Your Denims

A denim is a denim is a denim. But a denim is a denim is a denim. Denim is a piece of clothing that transcends all gender, age. It is now the most versatile piece of clothing anyone can own in their closet. The best part of is it can be worn on rugged situations […]

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#WhatsNew Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water Moist Up and Oil Control

 If you follow a skin regimen that you cannot sleep with your makeup on,  I am sure you know the magic power of Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water can do.  I’ve been using it for a year or more since the brand came back in the Philippines and I am one satisfied customer. When we thought they […]

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Mossimo X War for the Planet of the Apes

I have never watched any of the Planet of the Apes movies until this installment. You see I am scared of talking apes. Talking monkey’s,  talking gorillas.  I’m sorry I just am.  Maybe I am like one of those humans in the movie who is afraid of something they don’t understand and so they try […]

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Happy Skin Nailed It with this No UV Light Gel Finish Nail Polish #HappySkinGelYeah

I haven’t put colored nail polish on my nails in awhile I can’t remember when was the last time.  It was because I do house chores a lot since I had not a house help in awhile and colors on my nails will just get ruined the next day. Impressively, I had my nails done […]

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