A number of people have told me to stop revealing my age because I never look like it.  I was pegged as 10 years younger than I actually am. I guess I have to thank my genes  and my tiny frame for that .  Plus all the things I put in and on my body that helps big time.

I love taking and using collagen even before everyone else discovered it.   I love it because it makes my skin look plumper, I feel livelier and I look glowing than the days I skip taking it.  If you saw me on days I skipped taking it , I definitely look haggard and sluggish even if I try to make myself look good and feel good.

So what gives?

Beautiful skin lies within the layers and collagen is the basic foundation of the skin.    When we are born we are born with a lot of it in our body.  But as we age, plus other factors like pollution, stress and our lifestyle, the collagen production in our body diminishes.   Lack of collagen causes our skin to look sad.  Wrinkles appear, sagging appears, and even dark spots.


Try to do the snap back test on the back of your hands.  Pinch an inch of your skin , pull and release.  If it bounce back to place fast, you still have a good amount of collagen.  If it you wrinkle out or did not bounce back, you need help in replenishing your collagen as it slowly is deteriorating.


Fortunately, Collagen by Watsons is here!  A new generation of skincare that contains critical nutrition for your skin. This skincare concept, originally developed in Korea, has been dermatologically tested and proven to help boost the skin’s natural collagen levels. It is designed with Tri-Collagen Complex, a unique formulation of three (3) collagen molecules working together, penetrating down to deeper layers of the skin. It purifies and regenerates the skin cells and improves elasticity.

Collagen by Watsons comes in four different ranges that suits different skincare needs:

  1. The Nourishing range (gold packaging) addresses dryness, roughness, and skin dullness as it has the boosting system which improves the skin’s elasticity to keep it moisturized, firm and supple.Collagen by Watson Nourishing line
  2. White Regeneration  (pink packaging) is the whitening range made with Penta Lucent system that reduces and addresses dark spots and uneven skin tone as it helps prevent melanin production. With this range, skin is whiter, fairer and more translucent.Collagen by Watson Whitening
  3. The Skin Renew Line (blue packaging) repairs and restoes skin cells to give it a firmer and younger looking skin .  This is perfect for those with droopy, saggy skin and those who has problems with wrinkles and fine lines.Collagen by Watson Renew line
  4. Oiliness is next to ugliness so the cliche goes!   The Hydro Balance (green packaging available mid-October 2017) range addresses this with its Smart Water Channel that infuses water deep into the skin, keeping it hydrated by locking in moisture to keep our skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth.  Say hello to that fresh, dewy look.

One great thing about Collagen by Watsons is that that have this “call on collagen chatbox where you can Chat real time with Collagen with Watsons regarding your skin concerns and product inquiries.   Visit http://m.me/CallOnCollagen to start talking. 

Meanwhile,  SM Advantage Card members can get up to 40% off on selected Collagen by Watsons products from September 21 to November 22, 2017. at any Watsons store or at The SM Beauty Section.

Now that the secret to looking ageless is out, take hold of it right away, you won’t regret.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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