Buy or Bye: K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Review

K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint

Those who were not gifted with bushy eyebrows like me need a lot of help to have nice looking eyebrows.  Thank goodness for eyebrow makeup product that is coming out in the market that gives the boost we need.  Just like the K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint which came out with the most sought of eyebrow shade the in 04 Smoly Brown.  K-Palette had three shades they released in the Philippines last May 2017 and I had a first impression review of the eyebrow tints here.

Now that I feel I am getting better at doing my eyebrows and making better lighted videos haha! I made another one using the new K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyebrow Tint in 04 Smokey Brown to help you decide if it is a good buy or say good bye to it.

Verdict: It is a buy. Saves you a lot of time preparing your kilay!

K-Palette eyebrow tint is available at all Beauty Bar and K-Palette kiosk in the country.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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