Why You Don’t Want JBL’s Latest Cutting-Edge Headphones, Speakers and Soundbars


I rarely use headphones or earphones because I always want to be aware of my surroundings all the time.  This is so true especially when I am out commuting or even in a Grab or Uber ride.  I want all my five senses alert. Plus I have the tendency to be too immersed in my music or movies that I tune out and that is not good when in a “secured” place.

This is so true with the JBL’s latest headphones and earphone releases.  I just tried the Everest 110 wireless in-ear headphones at home and all the noises my DD, our TV and everything else in the neighborhood faded away.  It’s that good quality wise but aside from that, it looks so trendy and chic that I wouldn’t need to wear the tassel earrings trend on.  Look:

JBL Catch the waves of sound

How much is the Everest 110 wireless in-ear headphones? Php4,990.00

So why you don’t want JBL’s latest cutting-edge headphones, speakers, and soundbars?

Look,  this one I’m wearing below is the JBL E55BT Quincy edition. It’s wireless like that Everest 110 in-ear headphones, it looks like n earmuff perfect for the winter season! Haha!  But you don’t want that of course because the Quincy Edition also has a 20-hour battery life with just 2 hours quick-charging!   You can switch connection seamlessly from one device to another.  It has a universal remote and microphone! It comes in two colors the Dusty Rose and Space Gray.

How much is the JBL Quincy Edition Wireless?  Php8,990.00



Then for the sporty ones, the  JBL Reflect Fit heart rate wireless sport headphones is perfect as Php7,999.00


If you are like me who don’t like wearing headphones or earphones much, then maybe you want to take a look at the latest JBL speakers.

Take the Pulse 3 speaker for example. It is lightweight and portable Bluetooth speaker with 360 light and soundlightportable Bluetooth speaker with 360 light and soundlight with 24 hours playtime. The best part is you can toss it into the pool and it still works.  I tried doing it at the game I joined at the JBL launch event and OMG they still work perfectly.  Some other speakers like the Flip4 and the BoomBox also floats in the pool but still work perfectly. Price for the Pulse 3 is Php10,995.00. Flip 4 is Php6,995.00 and the Boombox is Php23,999.00


There’s so many other new Headphones, Speakers and Soundbars available that you won’t absolutely love.  But in case you change your mind you may visit www.JBL.com.ph for more information or follow @JBLPH on Twitter and Instagram for instant updates.



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