Christmas Gift Basket Bundles at Metro

Still don’t know what to give to your colleagues this Christmas?  How about going for a package of treats, goodies, and holiday spread essentials

Celebrations are made merrier
with a basket of Yuletide goodies courtesy of The Metro.

There are holiday baskets ranging from Php1200 to Php2500, Metro sure knows how to help spread the joy of giving this season.

Assembled for veritable banquets of festive proportions, each bundle comes with a bounty of either local or imported grocery brands of pasta, meat, wine, cheese and other hearty flavors that are sure to delight discerning tastes of all ages.

Rediscover the festive spirit of the holidays with Metro’s holiday baskets, a treasure trove of delights packed for bringing people together in celebration of the Christmas spirit.

Metro Retail is also giving shoppers a chance to customize their own holiday grocery assortment, along with the freedom to choose the basket and ribbon to pack it with. In only three days upon request for bulk orders, your own Metro bundle shall be yours to bring home or send as a gift to your friends and loved ones.

Meanwhile, Metro’s pre-prepared baskets range from Php200 – Php2,500 – an awesome bargain considering how priceless it is to see your loved ones smile as they savor traditional holiday dishes made with utmost love and care.


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