Win Asus Zenfone Max Oppo F5 Smartphones Now

How to Win an Asus Zenfone Max and an Oppo Smartphpones Today

I’m sorry for showing off the two new fones I got for Xmas this year.  Yes,  I got a brandnew Asus Zenfone 3 Max from the Asus Philippines Xmas party this 2017 and I also got the Oppp F3 Red Limited Edition from LionHeartTv Xmas Party around  my neighborhood.   I have a lucky streak , every Christmas,  or well almost every raffle draw,  I am either first or last name to be called taking home first or major prize of the day.

My secret? Is The Secret. You know when you see something you want  claim it as yours,  call your name before the draw and just like magic your name will be called.  It works for me.  It has been happening to me for so maNy years now I can’t remember.  All I know is that when I am damn confident of bringing the bacon home and I feel the energy around me that I will be winning,  I feel it.   Even before the day started I knew I was gonna win something.

I don’t win all of the time but I do win most of the time.  When I don’t  win it was because I felt first hand I stepped on the door I ain’t winning and it is fine with me.   I always  feel that somebody else in the room need the winning the most.

You can try this too,  master your energy and the energy around you. Think really hard but not too hard. Feel it,  can you feel that you are winning?  Claim it. Proclaim it so whoever beside you know it is yours. Viola!  You can ask anyone with me when my name gets called in a raffle I proclaim and claim it out loud!

But of course you will never win if you didn’t  join the contest.. If you didn’t  put you name on it.

WIN an ASUS Zenfone

WIN an Asus Zenfone Max 4 or the upcoming updated upgraded version of it this January 2018 by posting a photo set  public,  with a caption using the hashtag #WeLoveGoingFurther #BatteryKing #Zenfone4Max.  Visit Asus Philippines facebook page for the complete mechanics.

Wn and Oppo fone!

WIN 1 of the 100  Oppo smartphones to be given away until January!   There are 10 ways to win.  Visit Oppo Philippines for full mechanics.

That’s it guys!  Goodluck!  Happy Holidays!  And may the force be with you!


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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