Last Christmas a handful of my favorite brands and PR agency people sent out their Holiday 2016 Gifts .  It was only right after New Year celebration that I got the chance to unwrap them all.  Oh wait, this was not all of them because some of them were persihableContinue Reading

Collateral Beauty

In everything there is a why,  then there are these three “obstructions” Love, Death and Time. “These three things connect every single human being on Earth.  We long for love.  We wish we had more time.  And we fear death.” Collateral Beauty for me is a great  2017 New YearContinue Reading

If you get stranded on a migrating spaceship, who would you want to be stranded with and why? I’m sure you have heard of this premise before remember the “island question”.  This was the kind situation the Passenger movie was about.  But just like any other getting stranded situation, there are challengesContinue Reading