Top 6 Greatest BBC iPlayer Shows You Cannot Miss in 2018

BBC iPlayer stands out among the best streaming video services, as BBC usually does. This name itself is associated with greatness, reliable news, and Doctor Who, the greatest science fiction show of all time. BBC iPlayer continues the tradition of introducing amazing TV shows to the world.

Greatest BBC iPlayer Drama & Soaps to Start 2018 With

1. Hard Sun
This is a story that will captivate the lovers of crime drama. The adventures of DI Elaine Renko and her partner DCI Charlie Hicks will keep the audience glued to their screens as the secrets revealed in the course of their investigations are mindboggling. The fact that the world the series is set in is closing in on an Apocalypse amps up the tension.
Hard Sun comes from the creators of award-winning Luther and promises to be just as great. The show only runs for a short time and BBC iPlayer only keeps their shows up for a short while. Therefore, you really shouldn’t waste any time looking up this drama. Note: the access to the network is locked to the UK, so you’ll need to apply some tricks to  watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

2. McMafia
Despite them being criminals and generally ‘not good’ people, we still enjoy watching the stories of the mafia. This new BBC show solves this dilemma by telling a story of a genuinely ‘good’ person, who comes from the ‘bad’ background.
Alex Godman (and there surely is some symbolism to that name) sets up his own investment company. He does his best to distance himself from his family of criminals and all that comes with them.
Will he be able to succeed? Will his past come catching up with his new chic life of multimillion-investment business and fancy cars? Why didn’t he start a charity and move to help the children in Central Africa?
You’ll find out answers to all these questions (though, maybe not the last one) when the show starts on March 13th.

3. Little Women
Only three episodes, but with so much drama packed into them that it might have been a 3-year long show. Little Women is a TV adaptation of one of the most important novels in history. It tells a story of four sisters struggling and establishing themselves in the gender-segregated world of the 1860s.
One of the most notable stories in the feminist movement, Little Women influenced millions of girls all over the planet. The story has multiple adaptations on TV, stage, and film, but this one promises to be extra-special.

4. Original Drama Shorts
One of the things that distinguish BBC iPlayer from other platforms is that it’s a nursery of great talent. You can see this for yourself when enjoying Original Drama Shorts that will be available until June 18th.
These short-film videos cover a variety of topics ranging from adolescent suicide to the life of Muslims in today’s Britain. Each story is unique and brimming with passion. No heart will be left untouched and the versatility of themes means everyone will find a film that will resonate with them.

5. Spiral
The French do everything in style, even murder. You’ll witness this yourself if you watch Spiral, a French TV show about Paris police officers. The glorious views definitely are a perk, but not the main benefit of this story.
This show has been on for years and its audience keeps growing. It has been nominated for different awards but, sadly, won none. Perhaps, this latest set of murder mysteries will bring Spiral its long-deserved win.

6. EastEnders
Watching of BBC TV cannot be complete without some EastEnders, a show that has been successfully running since 1985. If you are not yet a fan, now is your time to discover this compelling story that makes the hardships of real life seem captivating.
EastEnders is a success because everyone can see themselves in the characters on the screen, who face the same problems.

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