A Letter to My 20 Year Old Self #Earthlingorgeou4pointOh

Dear Earth,

You have come a long way. Have you ever imagined being where you are right now? Of course you did you were a dreamer and an achiever like that. You were one of those in Highschool who already knew what she wanted and actually get it.

People assume you were lucky, that luck is always at your side. They are right because luck comes to those who earned and attracted it. You fought your way and now it is time to just be. Be there for the people who matter, especially yourself.

Life is not a race. Who are you racing with?
Life is not a competition. Who are you competing with?
Life means living, doing what you love with and for the people you love.
Life is living the moment, doing things that matters to you and the people you love.
Don’t do things because everyone else does it. Do it because you want to not because of peer pressure or some sort of invisible race.

Keep your eyes on the prize you want for yourself not what people expect you to get or have. All other things are distractions. Some to teach you a lesson or two that will eventually lead you back to where you are meant to be. Where you want to be.

When you find your purpose in life, there is a weird sense of content. It feels like you are full inspite of the feeling of wanting something else. Wanting but not really needing.
There are things you don’t need but you get coz you wanted. You will get it at the right time, take your time,
you are not in a competition. Let the hungry and thirsty rush to have all at once while others go ahead and rush to do everything at once. Smile as they hustle. Be genuinely happy for they are achieving. You were once like that.

You don’t need to prove anything to anyone their opinion of you doesn’t matter. Always remember those who matter , those who love you and know you well wouldn’t make a bad judgement of you.

Nobody has a perfect life (those who say they have are lying don’t trust them). There is not a single human being in this world who live without a struggle. But we all do have perfect moments, that is all we nees to live by. Create our perfect moments as much as we can. Love those moments and live for those moments. Happiness is a state of mind. Always choose to be happy. Negative thoughts and feelings have no room in your life, they just slow you down. Make you look ugly inside out, you don’t want that.

If you are happy with what you do it reflects on you and everything you do and you attract more happiness in your life.
I know you know what you want and you know how to get it. I also know you know your priorities, don’t lose track of it.

Happy 20th Birthday for the second time around.

Stay gorgeous as ever!


Dear Me,

I am writing you back to ask, does the bigger number scare you? I think it does but I tell you, you should not. 40 is not old, 40 is not young either. But 40 is the perfect age to be who you want to be. Do whatever you want to do without having the hangups of a 30 year old, identy crisis of a teen-ager, and the persistence to prove your existence and purpose at 20

Now at 40 you feel much free. You have learned from the past 3 decades of my life where most of it was a struggle. At 40 you definitely know who you are and what you want. You can fight for your cause without worrying how your peers would see you. You know the people who matter you don’t have to waste your time on those who don’t matter. You know your priorities and that is to be happy.

Of the past four decades of your life let me recall:
At 0-12 You were so dependent you dont worry about anything else but to take whatever the parents give you
At 12-19 you were a lost puppy wondering you were, where you belong how to conform how to be accepted by your opeers, how to belong, find yourself
At 20 -24 You thought you knew everything. You were independent, achiever, go-getter. You were reckless and carefree.
25-29 You struggled. Hard.
At 30-39 You started finding your place in this world . Not lost but not found yet. But you know you are on the right track. You were unsure if you were doing right as a single parent, a sister and daughter. Unsure if you need or want love, to have happiness an peace,
Now at 40 You know . You have your voice. You have the heart. You have your purpose and that is your family. With them by your side can do everything and nobody can be against you. Those who will and might are nuisance and irrelevant. Your best is for them and you wish to the spark of inspiration to all women who have gone through the same.

Now stop yapping. Start being.

Stay gorgeous as always.

Earth a.k.a. Earthlingorgeous4pointOh a.k.a Earth4pointOh a.k.a. Earth20x2 a.k.a Earth @ 20 the second time around,

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