How to Become a #HappyNewYou and win 1million Shopping Points with Watsons

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How to Become a #HappyNewYou and win 1million Shopping Points with Watsons

When the new year rings in,  a lot of us share our new year resolutions that is aimed at having a #HappyNewYou.  Watsons had their first event of the year to encourage people to become the vetter version of themselves inviting in brands and celebrities that can be a testament to transformations with the help of products  you can buy at their store.

A Fit and Healthy Body

Excerise,  eating right and sleeping right is the key.  Cosmo Body promises to supplement your diet to a slimmer waist while Euphira Maxx products assist with your endurance while toning up your muscles while working out.   A shot of Organique Acai a day is gokd for your all over health.  There are tons of vitamins and supplements you can pick up oger the counter at Wantsons.

New Hair New Look

It is so easy to change our look by just changing our hairstyle and hair color.  DIY hair color products like L’Oreal Excellence, Revlon Color Care Shampoo and Liese are just a few of the easiest DIY hair coloring products you can purchase there.   You can change your hairstyles using the Lolane Freestyle Gel Spray and many other new hairstyling product available.


Makeup Overhaul

The choices for makeup products at Watsons are endless.  BYS latea product can help you get your perfect angle with Contour Trio and Blush Trio. Glitter is a thing this 2018 so get that glitter gloss. Don’t forget #kilayislife the BYS Brow Pencil is a must.


Nourish that Skin You Are In

A little care goes a long way so take a. Minute to create a regimen suited for your #HappyNewYou goals.   Belo Kojic is not just whitening but anti-aging.  Olay Regenerist line promises younger you in 28 days.  Or try Ponds Age Miracle.    That Neutrogema Fine Fairness Light Mask works wonders for your skin at the comforts of your own home.   Of course Skin Crystal White Tomato Capsules and Belo Collagen Drink works from within to make your skin glowing all year round.

Love yourself a little more with the help of the right products from Watsons and you will be looking and feeling great in no time.

Great news for SM Advantage Card Members!  A total of 1Million shopping points will be given away by  purchasing a minimum amoubt of Php500 with any participating products .  The SM Advantage Card is available at The SM Store and SM Beauty Section.


Stay gorgeous everyone!






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