What’s Your Luck in 2018 Year of the Dog

What's Your Luck in 2018 Year of the Dog

We all want what’s best for us. So,  when we hear something  we can do to improve our life,  we are curious about it and even try it ourselves.   This is what Feng Shui is all about, giving tips on the best place to sleep, conduct business,  find love by working with the energy thay surrounds us.

The Chinese Horoscope, different from Western Astrology has long been used by Chinese since the beginning of time. Their patience and hard work coupled with the consultations with their Feng Shui masters helped them become what they are now (one of the superpowers of the world).  We may not approve of some of the things they do we can’t discount the fact that they have done well.

What's Your Luck in 2018 Year of the Dog

With that said, it won’t hurt if we take the good to make it work for us for the better. Here is the general forecast for every sign to find what’s Your Luck in 2018 Year of the Dog as predicted by Marites Allen Feng Shui Master.  I attended her 13th FengShui Convention  held at Marco Polo Hotel last January 6,2018 here’s her forecast:


Rat 🐀

Lucky in love. You may find the one this year. Speed up that chance by activating the Southwest corner of your bedroom.  Be careful of investing with someone better to venture in valuable assets than lose money with that possible affliation.  Be careful of strenous activities that may cause you to get ill. Avoid work politics and gossipy people they will cause you big trouble at work.

Ox 🐂

An excellent time to meet the new partner r if in a relationship take the next step further. Contiuation of good wealth for you and you will have many more ocassions to celebrate.  Try to invest in a property.  Avoid being in arguments and misunderstandings . Be careful of lawsuits. make sure to prioritize having an annual checkup at the start of the year or your health will be at risk. A great satisfying career is useless if you are unhealthy.

Tiger 🐯

This is a good time to start a romantic relationship!  You have bad investments in the past tgat put you in financial woes right now. Use the politcs mantra amulet to help you regain and prevent losses the rest of the year.  Visit frigga.com.ph to find out how to get it.   Do yoga,  practice healthy diet and monitor excercise regimen.  You are at risk of low immune system. Be careful at an office mate who is double crossing you. Be careful of contracts,deals,  agreements you sign in to avoid this.

Rabbit 🐰

Couples who have been together for long will be stronger. Singles and getting to know each other should be more patient and considerate. Be prudent on your finances and don’t splugre. Save for the rainy days and watch out for contracts you signed.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle  or you might end up in a hospital. Revisit your networking group and exert energies only on people who matter not those who want to be with you because they need something from you.

Dragon 🐉

You will benefit from the luck of wealth this year,  however since this is your conflict year,  you will feel you are not moving any further.  Focus on strenghtening whatever meaningful relationships you have now, single or married.  It is wise to set a financial budget plan so that 2018 will not leave you with empty pockets.  Be prudent in spending and investing whatever funds you have.  Keep a water fountain flowing in the SouthEast part of your home. Wear or keep the 9mantra bangle near you whenever you travel or you might get in an accident or get contaminated with material hazardous to your health are very high. Be more tolerant of negative people in your workplace they will cause you to feel drained and fatigue and bring you unbearable pressure .  Avoid  conflicts with colleagues at all cost to avoid further problems.

Snake 🐍

Good news for Snakes this year.  Traveling to exciting placed,  going for a training in another location and career promotion are just few of your heavenly blessings this year.  You will find the one this year if single.  Expect marriage proposal for those in a relationship .  Consider offering affiliation and work with individuals who can give you guidance.  Avoid visiting hospitals and wakes. Senior aged snakes will have health troubles this year. Best year to move career or job locations.  Take caution for the first 6 months of the year prioritize your career moves. Put in extra mile to what you do now for it will pay off well later.

Horse 🐴

Rewarding year for love. Singles  will finally meet the one.  More chances of traveling,  marriage,  having a baby or achieving academic success is good this year. If planning to propose or get married best time this year.  Married horses watch threat of third party.  Increase in sales and financial gains for those owning a company.  Those empoyed may expect a promotion and salary increase. Digestive issues is a big concern so be careful.  Have regular check up.

Sheep 🐑

Focus your attention to yourself there is no need to go to anther venture. Singles may fond series of interesting relationships but they are not into it right now. Attend more parties and hapoy occasions to bump into that special someone faster.  An unexpected windfall is coming and a lot of projects will come too. Do not gamble or invest in into something you are not sure of even if it is highly recommended by someone close to you. This may cause discomfort of lawsuits.   Balancing work and play is important.. Forge more partnerships and networking activities to gain more contacts.

Monkey 🐵

A hectic year for thr Monkey bringing possible cash inflows in the form of windfall.  Love life is not a priority this yeat.  Ease off spending on luxury products which you already accumulated innthe past. Make good investments instead. Possible injuries could hapoen.  Engage in healthy activities tonease tension from your system. Stiff competition in the workplace.

Rooster 🐓

Married roosters should be extra careful as they might be inviting signals that could put them in bad light.  Be more sociable.  Financial losses may occur. Do not spemd beyond your means. You may face recurring illness or developing new onr.  Change your physical acrivities to healthier ones such as brisk walking, biking,  hiking,  dancing.  Stick to the familiar and do not risk into new ventures just for the sake of catching up with your colleague’s .

Dog 🐶

All misfortune and disappointments of the past will all dissolve this year. New beginnings are in the horizon.  Income growing is possible. Singles may get in to a relationship this year. Stay in love for those in committed relationship.  If you wish to get married,  get pregnant or engage this is the year for you. Debts will be settled this year. Unexpected bonuses and gifts eill comr.  Work opportunities will fall in your lap.  Issues on physical illness will arise first half of year. Expect injuries from strenous activities. Look after your health to avoid them. Aim for work and life balance.

Boar 🐷

New beginnings set in. Love luck is on your side this 2018 year of the Dog.  You may recieve a well-deserved  salary or bonus. Watch out for those trying to steal your connections and clients. If ingaged in sales and marketing this will be a very busy . Be careful with long trips as road accidents are likely.  Extreme sports can result in injury. Defer moving to another job or location at this time.  You are better staying where you are now regardless of the minor obstacles.  Do not make any rush decisions. Take up a new hobby or just chill.

For  more in-depth outlook of What’s Your Luck in 2018 Year of the Dog buy Marites Allen Year of the Earth Dog Fortune Forecast dedicated for your sign. Available at Frigga stores in SM Megamall,  Mall of Asia,  North Edsa,  Glorietta,  F1 Hotel,  Serendra and Cebu or visit www.frigga.co.uk or www.wealthluck.com.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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