5th Partakan Festival Changes Moto-Tourism Challenges Now Has Mobile App

Due to the major hiccups experienced last year major changes will take place on the upcoming 5th Partakan Festival. Now slated to hapen at Pozo Robo in Sta.  Ana,  Cagayan riders who will join the moto-tourism fun race will be using a mobile app. That being said hopefully challenges are easier to access and points monitoring will be more transparent.

There will he 18 pitstops this year and will pass Ilocos Vigan compared to Nueva Ecija last year.  In case challengers did not get enough challenges and points they can do the ither extra stops.  Team captains of each team wiol be briefed on March 19, 2018 about the course and rulea of the rules.

Registration to join is free and there should at least be 5 members oer team.  This is open to. Motorcycle riders or those with cars.

Aside from the new venue and app,  non-participants of the race  will now be required to pay Php100 entrance fee to the beach venue .

Instead of just pitching camp at rough areas there will be nipa huts and cottages provided at the venue with more toilet ans showers for participants.

Partakan Festival is a yearly moto-tourism event to promote tourism up North of the Philippines spearheaded by Ropali Motors to promote a fun and friendly environment for motorcycle riders. Visit their site to register.

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