On Being a Flawless Dare to Bare Ambassador with 8 other Notable Women + the Towel Drop Challenge

When I started blogging publicly one of goals was to make my blog and my online presence an inspiration to women who had gone through the same struggle as mine. Struggles include but not limited to being a single parent and a person with many imperfections especially when it comes to the common beauty standards.

It was a no brainer for me when I was tapped by Flawless Face and Body Clinic to be one of their brand personalities for the “Flawless Dare to Bare Campaign”, a movement that aims to further break stereotypes when it comes to physical beauty.

I was asked what were my body and beauty issues and how did I break free from it and become the confident woman I am now known to be (why would they tap me for this campaign if they didn’t believe in me, right?)

It was not a walk in the park, bashers and haters are everywhere, they will break you if you let them. I was picked about my skintone, the way I dress, and even my life as a single parent, anything they can bring up to pull me down.

I spoke about my blogging practices and I was bashed really hard . Somebody even wrote a blogpost about me with a lot of “haters” in there had a feast on saying nasty things about me. Most of them I never know in person or even online but some were people who smile at me when I see them at events. In that blogpost I was challenged to comment, I never did, why would I, I will not tolerate the mob mentality, going there was like diving in a snake pit. So I just let them be. Here I am now, here I am still. Where are they?

Flawless Dare to Bare

Anyway, with me in the Flawless Dare to Bare campaign is Hidilyn Diaz, an Olympic Medalist, who was told that a woman with big muscles and lifting weigjts ain’t pretty womanly at all. Strong inside and out is way beautiful than fragile and weak.

Flawless Dare to Bare

Mara Smith, a Model, on the other hand was an outcast on beauty pageants she tried to join in. She was told she didn’t had the x-factor just because she is too dark and hair too curly, whixh she got from her African-American-Filipino genes, something she now use to her advantage at her modeling career.


Kiray Celis,an actress, who has always been a comedic child star in the eyes of everyone who have seen hee since her Going Bulilit days. Most could not get over that inspite of being petite she is now a woman who can do adult roles, have love life and be a woman that she deserves to be.

Flawless Dare to Bare

Twins Danah and Stacy Gutierrez of Plump Pinay are known for promoting body positivity especially for plus size women. They have been successful in this advocacy they have successfully released their book.

Flawless Dare to Bare

Actress Cai Cortez is also known as one of the well-known plus size women in the Philippines TV who embodies the fact that sexy beautiful knows no size and shape. Her spunk and confidence is so refreshing to see on-screen.

Flawless Dare to Bare

Just like Helen Payawal a vlogger we all knlw as Helen on Fleek. Confidence and authenticity oozes over her channel and her charm transcends even offline inspiring plus size women to love their body curves and all.

Viral pageant contestant Evita del Mundo just shut the Ms. Universe Malaysia house down when she joined. Her perfectly imperfect complexion did not stop her from making people look beyond her skin. Now she is one of the sought-off online personalities in Malasia. She is a Filipino-Malaysian based in Sabah.

Flawless Dare to Bare

Fans would say Maxene Magalona is already perfect. However not many popular mainstream actress and celebrity would not gamely pose for a billboard shoot with “no filter and no edits” but she did.

Flawless Dare to Bare

The Dare to Bare movement is a year long campaign to push for the mindset that beauty has no standards. That “Beauty doesn’t only come from the physical, it should also manifest from the inside going out.”

Towel Drop Challenge

To encourage everyone to join the movement, Flawless also initiated the Towel Drop Challenge where everyone is invited to drop their towels and dare to bare their perfectly imperfect bod and get a chance to win a trip for two to Siargao.

A series of videos featuring all 9 of us will be released on Flawless Face Body’s official social media accounts. Also watch for the raffle mechanics for “Flawless Dare to Bare: Siargao Vaction for 2″ online—dropping that towel may prove to be more rewarding than you thought possible!

To know more about Flawless and the Flawless Dare to Bare campaign, visit flawless.com.ph or follow Flawless on FacebookTwitter, andInstagram. !

Watch the video below to see what happened during the press launch and the full campaign ad:

Here’s mine, Cai and Mara campaign video:

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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