Celebrating Mother’s Day with Emborg

Emborg Amazing Moms event
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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Emborg

I had a post telling the world that I hate Mother’s Day  because I was under the weather that time.  In that post I said  I feel mom’s are the most unappreciated person in the world and they deserve more than what they are getting.

So when events like the one Emborg planned for Mother’s Day came I did not hesitate to come.   Aside from the fact that I love Emborg butter and cheese, I was happy at the fact that they are treating mom’s for a little pampering session on top of cooking tips and lessons at their event.

Emborg Amzing Moms eventEmborg Amzing Moms event Emborg Amzing Moms event

At the Emborg mother’s day event held in Glorietta , they gave out  sample’sand a 20% discount on all purchases at the site.  For a minimum of Php200 purchase they can get a passport that gives moms passes to avail of the free makeup makeover, massage services and a souvenir photo to take home with them as souvenir of their new look.  For mom’s who brought their kids, a cupcake making workshop was also in the area, all this happening simultaneously as an Emborg Cook-Off happened to give mom’s an idea on how and where to use their Emborg products.

Emborg product line

I didn’t realize how extensive Emborg products are already available, all I know are their cheeses and butter which I butter products that I love.  Emborg Butters and Spreads (Salted and Unsalted) are suitable for cooking, baking or simply slathering on all kinds of breads .

Natural Sliced Cheeses and Burger & Sandwich Slices elevate standard grab-and-go meals that are whipped up in a cinch. Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese, Feta & White Cheese, Fresh Cheese, Mold Cheese and Deli Counter Cheeses incorporate the gourmet touch into pastas, meat-and-cracker boards, salads and every other dish imaginable.

Emborg Amzing Moms event Emborg Amzing Moms event Emborg products

Emborg’s milk-based products add flavor and body to every meal. Emborg Creams (Whipped cream and whipping cream, all purpose cream and baking cream) are rich additions to savory dishes and desserts. UHT Milks are perfect for recipes or drank on their own.    Then there’s Emborg’s Junior line—a variety of cheeses and milks packaged for kids—make daily baon something children look forward to. A personal new favorite are the Yogurts and Protein Shakes OMG they taste really good.

Some of the recipe they dished out on the event are truly amazing!  I am excited to do some of them myself.

Emborg amazing cook-off

How about you have you tried any of the Emborg products I mentioned above?  Which one is your favorite?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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