The Colorful Fight for Diverse and Free Love

Free Love

June marks the official celebration of the LGBT Pride Month worldwide. As we celebrate Metro Manila Pride 2018, Project Headshot Clinic presents this year’s Free Love 2018: an online photography exhibit that celebrates diversity, inclusion, beauty, and love in all its forms and shapes.  On its third year, Free Love officially partners with Strokes by Momoi Supe.

With the growing oppression, pressures, and challenges that pit people against people, LGBT communities globally have been a steady force in fighting for everyone’s right to love anyone they choose. Joining together, we all can continue to fight for everyone’s right to love. Free your minds, bodies, and hearts! It is through banding together that we all can set love free.

Momoi Supe of Strokes expresses his need to support the cause; he wants to highlight the importance of equality, inclusion and beauty: that beauty is not only just aesthetics, but also the true beauty that we all have inside. Supe believes that, “The LGBT community often face discrimination and violence. We can only end this cycle through understanding, acceptance and respect for one another.”

Niccolo Cosme, founder of Project Headshot Clinic and staunch advocate for LGBTQ rights, started his first campaign in 2009 when the Commission on Elections disqualified the Ladlad party-list on the issues of morality. He gathered LGBTQ friends and allies in a photo shoot and exhibited the headshots during the pride celebration of that same year. Every year, Project Headshot Clinic’s campaigns have gathered diverse celebrities, influencers, and individuals who not only believe in the issue, but are also striving to bring the cause forward. Through the years, Cosme has successfully made a great impact in strengthening people’s consciousness by engaging them in an immersive project on the advocacy.

Project Headshot Clinic Free Love 2018 headshots was launched online, midnight of June 23, 2018.  Deviating from the use of a singular artwork as the theme, this is the first time that the campaign is using different colors as the background.  According to Cosme, “For this concept, we wanted to show individuality and, at the same time, showcase the rainbow colors which you will appreciate when you see the series collectively. We also used foliage to highlight the blooming diversity of people and the main goal of acceptance.”

All the headshots will be posted at the Headshot Clinic’s Facebook page at

Free Love

For more information on Metro Manila Pride visit, help make Pride Happen by donating at To view the complete series, follow @headshotclinic on Instagram or Facebook. Check the hashtags #FreeLovePH, #ThisIsMyBeauty, or #RiseUpTogether to see the complete series.

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