Month: July 2018

Fashion Events

#WIWTD 118 – 120 : Easy Cosplay Outfit Diary at Asia Pop Comicon 2018

I never admit that I am a geek but attending the three day Asia Pop Comicon 2018 in easy cosplay outfit made me realize maybe I really am.  Not everyone , especially members of the media went in costume everyday for three daya, but I did.  It is fun to go out wearing costumes of […]

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Pedophelia is NEVER a Sexual Orientation: A Call Out to TEDx and Animals Who Thinks This Way

Saying , thinking, agreeing, consenting to Phedopelia on the excuse that it is a sexual orientation that animals (sorry I cam’t call you people) can’t control their preferences is the biggest lie and excuse a pervert will make to get away with this sickening crime! Let this sink in the oerverts heads I will fight […]

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